The Android Apps to Detect Radiation

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Detecting radiation with a detector at a nuclear power plant is a passé. Technology never ceases to amaze me, and now, with so many new entrants in one’s life, the re’s an app for everything including radiation detection. Isn’t that amazing?

There are many mobile applications that show you the amount of radiation you are exposed to; you may download these on your Android phone. Radiation is all around us in small quantities. Little did we know that our body deals with these minor doses quite naturally! Exposure to high doses of radiation can be harmful, even deadly, and ongoing exposure to low doses can also have a negative effect on your health. This is where it becomes imperative for one to grab a knowhow of radiation exposure.

Radiation – Around you 

Mobile phones and wireless networks are one of the major sources of radiation, for example, the X-ray machines at an airport. Radiation is emitted from a wide spectrum of devices or objects around us. Nevertheless, with the use of a smartphone app, you can now detect and measure your exposure to radiation and take the necessary actions to reduce any risks. They are quite harmful!

These apps will effectively turn your smartphone into a Geiger Counter that does it’s work efficiently. All that you need to do is to download the app and cover the camera lens with black tape.

These apps are great as a home radiation detector; however, if you are looking for professional use, it is advisable to use a proper Geiger counter. Let us look at some for the Best Android apps to detect radiation.

1. Radioactivity Counter

Given the fact that this app was developed by professional researchers who carry several years of experience in EMS detection, the Radioactivity Counter is undoubtedly one of the leading radiation detector apps for Android.

The main feature of this app is that it can measure radiation from 2-10 Gy to 1-10 Gy/h. It can detect gamma radiation effectively and greater amounts of beta radiation, dependent on the shielding used on the smartphone. You may get this app on your smartphone for $253.48 per year. The file size is 1.5MB.

2. Pocket Geiger

The Pocket Geiger Radiation Detection App works pretty much as its name. It is free to download and works slightly different from the other apps. It uses the microphone on the smartphone to detect the presence of EMR. It converts the microphone into a reverse pin diode which has the ability to measure EMR. A measure of 0.05uSv/h can be confirmed in about 15 minutes. It also detects gamma particles. The app is 402KB in size.

3. Wi-Fi Radiation Meter

This free app is ideal for monitoring EMR from modems and Wi-Fi routers. It comes standard with a Wi-Fi radiation meter that detects and measures the EMR levels efficiently.

It also picks up radiation from the other sources as you travel and log these areas on Google maps, allowing you to be aware of such areas and avoid it whenever possible. It is a 2.9MB download.

4. Radiation Alarm

This clever app, also free to download, has radiation thresholds and using the camera on your device, will alert you when the radiation levels exceed the threshold. It is a very user-friendly and easy to read app. The alarm will warn you of the presence of radiation, and the device will display the values. It is 922KB.

5. Tawkon

This app is designed primarily to measure the radiation emitted from your mobile device. Not only does it measure and track radiation levels, but it also offers advice on how to minimize the exposure. It provides real-time feedback on SAR data. It will alert you if there is a sudden increase in radiation.

Mobile phones emit different levels of radiation according to the signal strength and distance from the network tower. The app makes recommendations enabling you to use the device in such a manner that causes minimal radiation exposure. It is extremely user-friendly and uses a simple, color-coded display to show the relevant information.

It is not always possible to be conscious about radiation around you. The reby, these radiation detection apps prove to be very handy and could potentially save you from any unfortunate harm. It is also interesting to learn more about the amount of radiation present in different locations around you, isn’t it? Better to be safe than sorry…. what say?

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