The best TV remote app for android

The TV remote app for Android | There’s a pleasure to know that you can control your TV from your smartphone. With the improvement of technology and gadgets, it shouldn’t be a shock that your phone could actually be a universal remote for almost every tv out there. Today in this article we provide you a list of The TV remote app for Android.

Here are The TV remote app for Android

Android TV Remote Control

This app allows you to manage your Android smartphone into a remote control for your Google TV box or screen. Use your Android phone or tablet as a remote for your Android TV.

Peel Smart Remote

The Peel Smart Remote app tries to do one better than other TV Remote apps by being both a replacement for a TV remote and a personalized TV guide app. Peel is a fun, quick, and easy way to find the perfect TV show for you, anytime.

LG TV Remote


The LG TV Remote app is a Wi-Fi-based remote control app for network-enabled LG Smart TV sets. Also basic control functions, the LG tv remote app allows you to watch live channels from your mobile device, use the touchscreen into a cursor control for your TV cursor, taking and share tv screenshots, as well as access Smart share and LG Social Center features.

Remote Control for TV

This app can easily make turn your Android device or tablet into a Universal remote control for all tv. It’s simple to set up and the operation is simply the same as the real TV control remote.

Smart TV Remote

Smart TV Remote is perhaps the most popular Samsung TV remote apps for Android available today. The interface of this app is a bit clunky, but the app makes up for that in functionality. The Best and a great part of this app is that it has no buttons visible.

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