The Most Useful Android 5.1 Features

Android 5.1 Features

Most Useful Android 5.1 Features – Google has released version 5.1 of the Android OS with Android One initiative in Indonesia on low and mid-range devices. Its high-end devices such as Nexus Nexus 6 and 9 have received the update a few weeks after suggesting that we deal with a major version of Android. However, that behind virtually unchanged interface, many new functions automatically lead to more enjoyable user experience. Here are ten of the most ninteresante innovations of Android 5.1.

Most Useful Android 5.1 Features – List

1. Device Protection

Device Protection is one for the Best methods for securing Android devices with version 5.1 and comes exclusively operating system. Unfortunately, currently there are very few devices that can benefit from this function, examples of which are Nexus Nexus 6 and 9. This method of protection requires a password PIN to unlock the device and other functions. For example, even after the device is returned to the factory settings, it can not be used without Google account password. When the phone is lost or stolen, you who possesses it can not be used without the code.

2. Access the Quick Settings screen blocked

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Up to Android 5.1, to access quick settings from the notification bar area, you had to unlock the phone. This action is not required when the device is running the latest version of the operating system. You can make quick settings through an simple gesture from top to bottom, even with locked screen, being able to control settings for WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile and geolocation data. This new feature, however, is a double-edged sword, since anyone can be change settings even if the phone is protected by a password.

3. Blocking wireless networks without Internet access

Probably one of the most useful features of Android 5.1 is the WiFi networks that block that does not have internet access. Every time you try to connect to the Internet via WiFi with a device equipped with the new operating system, it will test to the internet network. If it does not have a Internet access, If the connection is interrupted and the network is marked. Every time you get in that area, and the phone will lock automatically connect to that access point and will prioritiz one of the networks that worked in the past.

4. Advanced Sound settings

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If you want to change the volume of ring tones or alarms while other sounds are played in multimedia applications, Android 5.1 offers this possibility. A simple press any key to bring up the volume volume bar that appears next to an icon in the shape of a bell. Her touch opens a menu with more volume bars for each function.

5. Calls HD Voice

Many hardware manufacturers have implemented their own versions of Android capability to initiate and receive HD Voice, but only now has this feature integrated in the basic version of the operating system. Of course, Nexus latest and most certainly that and to be launched will enjoy superior audio quality calls, but now all hardware manufacturers can be provide support for this office, whether they choose to launch devices AOSP Android or a custom variant.

6. Customising quick settings

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Those who want to have control over Quick Settings menu now have this opportunity using the new Android. The buttons displayed on the top list, such as access to WiFi and Bluetooth can now be activated or deactivated and reorganized according to user preferences.

7. Support for dual-SIM devices

Android phones that support two SIM cards simultaneously exist on the market for years, but each of these models were running a customized version of the operating system. With version 5.1 comes from Google’s official support for such devices. The result of this function is the launch of dual-SIM phone with Android “clean” without hardware changes from developers. Those who prefer the version of “vanilla” Android software and phones need two cards will certainly appreciate this new feature.

8. Disable automatic Priority Mode

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Priority mode turns off all ringtones for a set period of time, but Android 5.1 has received a new functionality. It can be automatically deactivate when the first alarm set to sound. It is useful to set the phone to silent mode at night until morning, when the phone rings to wake up.

9. Postponement notifications

Notifications Android 5.0 appeared at the top of the screen and could not be darker than a horizontal gesture, which is completely erased. In Android 5.1, Google has chosen to offer The Best possibility to postpone the notifications manually. When you receive the message, an e-mail or any other type of message from the application, you can drag up to hide the notification area. This is not completely erased, but remains the center of the notifications to be accessed later.

10. Log easier to devices

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Bluetooth icon in the Quick Settings menu can now offer a faster way to connect to the devices. Tapping on the arrow next to the virtual displays a list of all available devices to connect in time.

While many of these functions are already available on Android skins from manufacturers like a Samsung, LG or HTC, it is pleasing to see that they come in to “core” operating system

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