5 Ways Customer Service Can Yield Better Search Results

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Guide: 5 Ways Customer Service Can Yield Better Search Results

Today, search engine optimization is more focused on optimization of the search experience – also known as “The other SEO” – and customer service is an integral part of it.

Good customer service depends on your ability identify customer needs by analyzing what information they can search however they want Contact you, and what issues they may have. Giving the correct answers to these questions is at the heart of each effective customer service program

Search experience optimization makes it easy for users to use take action by providing them with appropriate information, product suggestions and offers or discounts for your most loyal customers. Your strategy should be driven by information your SEO team collects from customer service analysis

Here’s how you can use customer service to improve your search engine results.

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1. Use customer feedback to optimize landing pages

Customers feedback provides you with first-hand user experience reviews. Some of your products can attract a lot of users to your website, while other products have a lot of potential but cannot attract much attention.

An extensive customer feedback audit can help you assess your ecommerce choices and make them landing pages with high conversions

Add your most popular products to your landing pages. Make a list of questions customers often askand optimize your landing pages for these long tail keywords.

Also, consider analyzing all the product comparisons that potential customers allow before making and making a purchase decision comparison-focused landing pages

IMAGE: UserVoice

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2. Make use of critical contact points (micro-moments)

Online customers continue an abundance of emotions and motivations until they buy a product. Google’s “Micro-Moments” concept defines 4 types of moments when people may want to contact a brand

I-Want-to-Know-moments I-Want-to-Go-moments I-Want-to-Do-moments I-Want-to-Buy-momentsFour kinds of micro-moments

You can use the following principles to take advantage of micro moments

Be there: When a user searches for a product, it must be you findableso you can bring your solution to market.Be useful: Make sure your services to meet the requirements of your customers.Be quick: Mobile users don’t wait too long. Competition is fierce and you have to be quick give people reasons to do business with you.

The attention span of online customers is getting shorter, so you have to be there for them at the exact moment in which they are looking for a product, or simply scrolling through the content.

Be here some tools you can use monitor the critical touch points of your customers


Bontact allows you to engage visitors who land on your site with a custom greeting & a live chat with multiple channels with many options to choose from easily. Bontact currently supports discussions via online chat, Skype, SMS, Facebook Messenger, phone and email, and more channels are in the works.



Thunderhead’s “ONE Engagement Hub” platform monitors customer interactions and responses, and provide you with enough information about their behavior. You can even track your anonymous visitors when they return. You can quickly understand your customers’ buying journeyas Thunderhead tracks every part of their touch points (micro-moments).


When you can engage your customers effectively during their micro-moments, you meet their individual needs and can close more sales.

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3. Use social engagement

Social channels give marketers the opportunity to get in touch with their target audience on a personal levelThis is a great way to make people feel the presence of your brandMarketers who use social media solely to distribute content or respond to customer complaints are missing out.

Starbucks, for example, has a presence on many social networks.

The habits @BuienRadarNL account on Twitter keeps customers engaged and encourages them discuss or submit suggestionsThis kind Conversation Engagement impresses your existing customers and paves the way for acquiring new ones.

Match your brand to a well chosen and relevant cause can also help. Make sure to do this with authenticitybecause people can see through insincere attitudes, which will only harm your strategy. A candid approach can do more than good.

Social entrepreneurs are a perfect example of how fruitful joining a good cause can be. It is the fairness of social entrepreneurs that prompts people to follow them.

There are numerous benefits of it co-marketing with a social entrepreneur for optimizing e-commerce experiences. The amount of instant followers you can surpass any strategy you can implement yourself. It gives your campaign a moral advantage above others. Co-marketing with a social entrepreneur can help any new brand establish their presence on social platforms.

Business versus social entrepreneursIMAGE: Cisco IBSG on Slideshare

Aligning your SEO strategy with social entrepreneurship can help you hit the waves. It can only be done with an honest approach that shows you really believe in the cause.

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4. Hound Customer Reviews

Online shoppers use many filters to search for quality productsMake sure your product pages optimized for these relevant keywords, and that customer reviews also appear among search engine results, so if a user searches for a product using these keywords, he can easily find your site.

Online reviews can be a great way to start a authentic and informative product description for potential customers. They can help a brand establish credibility in the eyes of shoppers. When you ask your customers to rate your products, they will often be happy to deliver your request.

The job for SEO professionals doesn’t end with getting online reviews. Take advantage of social media channels, and upload the reviews to your profiles.

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5. Optimize Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

It’s much harder to reach out and pitch for a new customer you don’t know than it is for someone you don’t know trusts you alreadyYou can greatly increase your chances of selling products to your regular customers with the concept of Customer Lifetime Value.

To achieve maximum CLV, you need to dig deep into it spending patterns of your customer baseso you can discover the greatest online upselling, cross-selling and reorder opportunities online at the right times, and captivating again the ones who have disappeared on you.

Personalize and promote products that are in sync with the spending patterns of your audience so that every time they land on your site, they are taken to something that appeals to them

The better you can retain customers and earn income from them over time, the higher your CLV will go, which in turn will justify investing more in acquiring new customers.

Let’s see two personalization tactics you can use to increase your Customer Lifetime Value.

Personalized emails

Consider whether the post you are preparing is for a First buyer, or for someone who is already loyal to youMark that in the subject line and personalize the email to make every customer feel special

Segment your list, and take advantage of it automated messagingWhen your customers realize that you appreciate them, it will be quite difficult for them to overlook the discounts and deals you send them.

Suggest products

Follow spending patterns of your regular customers. The next time they land on your site, advertise services and products previously searched but not boughtYou can also refer them to products that may be similar to or associated with their previous purchases

Your customers want to feel special. They don’t want to be associated with some e-commerce company that just fills orders.

Surprise them once in a while with loyalty bonus or rewards and congratulate them for being great customers. In return, they will happily do so spread the word among their peers, helping you acquire new customers.

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