8 Online Tools to Increase B2B Sales


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Guide: 8 Online Tools to Increase B2B Sales

Company to company (B2B) sales professionals are engaged in a constant race against timeUnlike their business-to-consumer (B2C) counterparts, they face bigger challenges, such as reaching consensus among decision-makers, and as a result, faces longer, more complicated sales cycles

This is one of the main reasons B2B sales teams are always looking for new, efficient tools that increase their sales results without up all their timeMany different sales tools are available; some focus on relationship marketing, others on email marketing campaigns. But all don’t have the same impact on the productivity of marketing teams

Below is a list of eight of the best online tools out there save time by automating all manual work, shortening the sales cycle, and end wasting time on unqualified leads.

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1. LeadSquared

LeadSquared is one of the best tools when it comes to increasing B2B sales, especially for small and medium businesses. The comprehensive business acquisition solution brings more leads through the sales funnel, and speeds up the lead capture process through responsive landing pages, automation, and smooth lead registration. Users can also access various sales features, like segmentation, infusion marketing, marketing insights and sales funnel

What makes LeadSquared a great tool for capturing and converting B2B leads?

Using this tool is easy. The LeadSquared B2B platform offers customizable lead scoring benefits for usersIt allows you to configure your lead scores and lead stages. With the help of this tool you can map out your lead’s activities and set respective scores.

LeadSquared ensures that you do not miss even the smallest detail on every pipe. The tool automates and helps with the lead capture process automation of all marketing activitiesThis speeds up sales and you have the option of using API (Application Programming Interface) to build your own connectors

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2. GetResponse

The most unique selling point of the GetResponse tool is that Whatever task you throw at it, the job will be doneThis tool is one of the simplest and most useful email marketing systems in the world and you can create your own with it high quality landing pages and emails within minutes with its editor.

The email marketing solution of this tool comes with powerful features that give a big boost to your email marketing campaigns, increasing their effectiveness and producing the desired results

What makes GetResponse an excellent email marketing tool for B2B?

The email creator in GetResponse helps you develop professional emails optimized for every type of deviceThis is a boon for B2B marketers who want to reach companies that need to be constant access to tablets and smartphones, more than desktops.

The smart automation options of this tool helps convert leads to paying customers. Accurate targeting increases lead conversion rate which leads to more sales while the huge collection of pre-designed email templates helps new marketers get started right away. GetResponse is the ideal B2B tool if you want information about the implementation of campaigns and strategies

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3. Basis

Base is one powerful and intuitive interface that not only increases the performance of your B2B sales, but also manages your existing relationships. It is cloud-based, scalable and platform independentBase provides businesses with a visual sales funnel that makes business easier to manage both new and existing customers

What makes Base a differentiated B2B CRM tool?

You must use Base’s reliable reporting features along with the ability to integrate with other tools to unleash your maximum sales potential. Her mobile capabilities are quite efficient And his features are constantly evolving to meet the growing demands of the industry. However, you will not experience any problems while using it because it is extremely user-friendly


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4. Calendly

Calendly’s goal is a calendar management toolWhat this means is that Calendly helps prospects coordinate schedules, eliminating the need for constant back and forth and unavoidable scheduling conflicts

What makes Calendly a powerful B2B planning tool?

Calendly is extremely efficient when it comes to managing your scheduleYou can use it to check your availability from Outlook or Gmail calendar. The tool then creates a link for potential customers to make appointmentsWith Calendly, sales professionals can place their link in the email signature, bringing it to the attention of customers.


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5. Sales attic

SalesLoft is one extremely powerful tool with a very simple application – allows you to send a large number of emails in an effective way in a very short time. This is something that is always popular with business professionals

What makes SalesLoft a flexible CRM solution?

With SalesLoft, users can create different sequences of actions that not only engage the intended prospect, but also the email reach and adjust automatically fills in fields via email CRM integrationBusinesses will love the added feature which allows them to track activity, bounces, comments and opens in one platform.


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6. Contact

Nothing is more important to a B2B account management or sales team than it relationships with their customersThese relationships need to be nurtured and nurtured on a regular basis. Failure to maintain consistent communication results in termination of the contact and that simply does not work. This is where Contactually comes to the rescue. It sets up outreach memories that will save your relationships and ultimately your business

What makes contact person a cool B2B communication management tool?

Contact continues to work creating custom outreach reminders based on certain parameters that you think are set. The tool allows you to keep track of all important contact points to deal with before the actual B2B sales conversion takes place.


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7. Crystal

Your B2B sales become more streamlined and customer-centric when you understand the communication style of your prospects. Crystal offers you recommendations on the right way to deal with potential customersThis includes everything from tips to gain their confidence in which language and phrases yield the best results.

What makes Crystal a healthy B2B search and targeting tool?

Crystal enables you to renew your prospect management strategyYou can use the predicted personality profiles to tailor the communication resulting in increased response rates


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8. Unomie

Unomie takes sales and CRM intelligence to the next level, masquerading as an ever-expanding database of potential clients from all over the world, spanning industries, markets, locations, job titles, etc. Understanding the companies you’re targeting business expansion, creating valuable and highly relevant lists of potential customersand gain insights to help you plan your sales strategies – Unomy does it all

What makes Unomy a powerful sales intelligence solution for B2B companies?

Unomie is high in use and fairly result-oriented, enabling sales executives of B2B companies to achieve vastly shorter data entry times and cleaner and more valuable data, the facility for pumping data on leads through sales funnels to enable and strongly manage territory managers and sales managers targeted marketing and sales campaigns directly from the CRM interface


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A closing look

The above-mentioned tools are the best in the B2B sales industry right nowDepending on your requirements, you can use them to strengthen your marketing and grow your business.

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