Add Exten­sions to VLC Player: Tips and Tutorial

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Guide: Add Exten­sions to VLC Player: Tips and Tutorial

Video Lan Client or VLC is a popular video playback application for Windows, Mac, Linux and even Android operating systems. It is so popular that it is the preferred video playback medium for many. It’s simple, intuitive and feature- rich and above all available free of charge.

While this utility has so much to offer, you can also improve it features by adding extensions.

VLC extensions, similar to the ones available for Google Chrome, allow users to customize the VLC player and add extra features to it. VLC extensions are little known and there are plenty available. They enable the users to improve and adapt this software features as per need.

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What are Extensions?

Extension is a commonly used term to describe anything that enhances the usability of software. Google Chrome is the best example in this case, as it pioneered the extension culture by offering a modular product that users can adapt to their requirements.


Here we will talk about VLC player and how to improve it featuresThe VLC player has a number of extensions available and you should even use one to add a new skin to the player. However, we are here to discuss how to add additional video display features using extensions.

VLC uses ‘.lua’ files and installing them is a bit of a stretch trickBut you can get features such as automatic subtitles, video playback control and much more with these add-ons.

Interested? Here is how to install extensions on VLC player.

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Before we start …

There are a few things you should know before we go ahead and install extensions or add-ons for VLC player.

  • VLC extensions or add-ons are developed by third-party developers, they may not work as intended.
  • There is no automatic installation method to add extensions or add-ons. So, make sure to follow the steps below in the exact order or they won’t work.
  • Most extensions or add-ons are only available for the desktop version. Only some of these add-ons can be used in the VLC mobile app.
  • You need to enable the extensions after you install them by going to the feature of your choice. This one features are not turned on automatically.
  • Now that we have these instructions out of the way, here’s how to add extensions or add-ons features to the VLC media player.

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    Step 1: Find the program files on your computer

    Vlc1 2

    Depending on the selection of a 32-bit or 64-bit application, the files will be located in different folders.

    Select the Program Files (x86) folder for the 32-bit version Select the Program Files (x86) folder for the 64-bit version.

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    Step 2: Select the VideoLAN folder

    Vlc1 3

    Choose the VideoLAN folder from the list of folders available in your program files.

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    Step 3: Select the folder to upload extensions or add-ons

    Vlc1 4

    Select the lua folder from the folder list. You might be tempted to open the plugins folder, but that doesn’t help.

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    Step 4: Choose and upload the extensions

    Vlc1 5

    On the next screen, choose the extensions folder and upload the desired extension which you can download by going to the official VideoLAN add-on page.

    Vlc1 6

    After uploading the extension, simply close the folder and run the VLC player.

    Vlc1 7Note: We have used the resume video extension that helps to resume a video from where you left it before.

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    Step 5: Run and resume a video

    Vlc1 1

    After the extension is installed, you just need to run a video to test the add-on. Once you play it, the VLC player will keep a tab showing the remaining playing time. If you close the video before it reaches the end point, you will be prompted to resume the video from where you left it the next time you play the same video file. If you get this prompt, your extension has been installed correctly and is working fine.

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    That all people …

    So, this is how you can install any number of extensions or add-ons on your VLC media player. Keep in mind that some extensions will prompt you for manual configuration. So be sure to review the Read Me file, which comes with the extension, before taking any action.

    I am sure you will love the newly added features on your VLC player. Let us know in comments which VLC add-on impressed you the most. We would love to hear from you!

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    Here’s the link, check it out: The Ultimate Guide to VLC Media Player.

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    Add Exten­sions to VLC Player: Tips and Tutorial: benefits

    • The Add Exten­sions to VLC Player: Tips and Tutorial tutorial is free .
    • This guide already helps so many users follow up with interest in a timely manner.
    • The price of the Add Exten­sions to VLC Player: Tips and Tutorial guide is free.

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    Tutorial summary of Add Exten­sions to VLC Player: Tips and Tutorial

    In this guide, we told you about the Add Exten­sions to VLC Player: Tips and Tutorial; please read all steps so that you understand Add Exten­sions to VLC Player: Tips and Tutorial in case if you need any assistance from us, then contact us.

    How this tutorial helping you?

    So in this guide, we discuss the Add Exten­sions to VLC Player: Tips and Tutorial, which undoubtedly helps you.

    What is actual time in which this method complete?

    The time to complete the Add Exten­sions to VLC Player: Tips and Tutorial tutorial is 10+ minutes.

    What are the supported Device?

    PC Laptop or Desktop

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