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Guide: Air­Droid vs Air­More: Comparison and Review

The lack of a good desktop management tool for Android phones seems like a never ending problem. Without any third party apps like AirDroid, Join, Feem, etc., many Android users would still be stuck with the USB data cables.

AirDroid just happens to be the go-to wireless phone-to-PC connection tool. I’m sure you must have heard about it at least once, if not more.

AirDroid ran into a massive security flaw a few years ago (which was immediately fixed, however), but its reputation had been tarnished by adding oil to the fire from burning AirDroid, which appears bloated and heavy. Since then, many AirDroid users have been looking for a reliable alternative.

So if you are looking for it too, AirMore is one of the best choices. Apart from similar features, AirMore offers more features than AirDroid. But is it a worthy replacement? That’s what we’re going to explore here. We’ll compare the two and see who wins the race for wireless desktop management tools.

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Small is big

Regardless of the amount of free storage space left in us phone, people always prefer small apps. AirDroid has a size of a whopping 30MB compared to AirMore, which extends to just 5MB.

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Availability on different platforms

In the age of multiple devices, cross-platform availability is critical. Fortunately, both offer iOS apps in addition to being available on Android. For desktop, only AirDroid offers dedicated apps for Windows and macOS. For AirMore, you will have to live with the web version that saves storage. Even AirDroid offers a web version. Unfortunately, none of the apps offer browser extensions.

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User interface and design

Let’s see which app is more user-friendly.

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Home Is everything

The annoying thing about AirDroid is that it offers too many options on the first screen itself. When you open AirDroid on your phone, it greets you with multiple login options, ranging from saved devices and nearby devices to friends. You could say the organization is nice, but open AirMore and you will be surprised – a simple, uncomplicated screen to connect to the PC.

Airdroid Vs Airmore Alternative 1

Airdroid Vs Airmore Alternative 2

The same extravagance continues on AirDroid for desktop.

Airdroid Vs Airmore Alternative 4

Airdroid Vs Airmore Alternative 5Tip To transfer files between mobile devices on AirMore, tap the More option on the bottom tab and select Phone Handover.

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View in the tools

Once connected to desktop, both apps display a separate view with a few similarities. At the center, AirMore provides an in-depth summary of your device, from battery to storage. You can view detailed information by tapping the Detailed info label.

On the left side you will find various icons such as music, contacts, messages, clipboard, files and more. Tapping an item opens the expanded version.

Airdroid Vs Airmore Alternative 7

Airdroid Vs Airmore Alternative 8

Even AirDroid offers the icons on the left with a limited information window on the right. There is a toolbox with file, URL and app sharing shortcuts in addition to a clipboard. The battery indicator is present in the lower right corner. Interestingly, AirDroid works in multi-window mode on the web, allowing you to open separate windows for photos, videos and other options at the same time.

Airdroid Vs Airmore Alternative 9

Airdroid Vs Airmore Alternative 11

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File transfer and login modes

AirDroid requires you to sign in with an account, even for local networks, requiring you to remember the password (Arghh!).

Creating an account guarantees the privilege of remote management. This means you can manage and transfer files without being on the same network. Very useful for times when you need the phone Bee home

Fortunately, AirDroid offers the possibility to connect even without an account. It works for local networks that use an IP address. however, the feature has its drawbacks. Firstly, the feature is buried under the AirDroid Web option – not intuitive at all, and secondly, you have to manually enter the IP address – Any. Single. Time.

Airdroid Vs Airmore Alternative 6

On the contrary, AirMore does not require you to create an account as it works on local networks – no remote management facility. AirMore seems simpler as compared to AirDroid. Just scan a QR code (or select nearby devices using radar) and start transferring files – anytime, anywhere.

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Manage and stream files

In addition to the ability to transfer files between PC and Android phones, both apps offer great file management features in a familiar desktop interface. You can stream audio and video files on PC without downloading them.

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Management Phone Calls, contacts and SMS on PC

Again, both apps allow you to manage contacts and messages (edit, send, forward, receive, delete, etc.) on PC. You can also make calls and view the call history on the PC. When I tried AirMore it often didn’t show the call history option, messages didn’t sync and I couldn’t make calls despite granting all necessary permissions.

Airdroid Vs Airmore Alternative 13

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Share Clipboard between Phone and computer

Pushbullet was one of the best apps to share clipboard between devices until they got it feature to the pro version. Many free apps, including AirDroid and AirMore, allow you to do the same.

In AirDroid, the functionality is easily accessible from the toolbox on the right. You can also share links in the URL box that opens automatically on your phone

AirMore provides you with a special clipboard screen and you can view your clipboard history. However, it didn’t feel natural to me.

Airdroid Vs Airmore Alternative 16

Airdroid Vs Airmore Alternative 15Pro Tip Copy text on your Android device and click the refresh icon on the clipboard in AirDroid and AirDroid on PC to display the copied text.

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Mirror and control Phone from pc

AirMore offers a native capability for mirroring your Android device (Android 5.0 Lollipop and above) to PC with the Reflector featureIn addition to mirroring the phone, you may want to control it from the PC. Unfortunately, you can get your phone with AirMore, and AirDroid offers the same function through a dedicated app – AirMirror.

Airdroid Vs Airmore Alternative 17

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Capture and record Phone PC screen

If you take screenshots on the phone often and then transferring them to the PC, the overall process seems a bit tedious. With these two apps you can save your phone Screenshots directly to PC. AirDroid takes it a step further and also lets you change the quality of the screenshot. The AirDroid desktop app even lets you control your phone’s screen.

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Sync notifications with PC

Although Cortana offers a native on Windows PC feature To sync notifications between Android and PC, you can also use AirDroid or AirMore as they offer similar functionality. Plus, AirDroid even lets you customize the notifications.

Airdroid Vs Airmore Alternative 18A

Airdroid Vs Airmore Alternative 19

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Continuous background notification

From Android 8.0 Oreo and above, the apps running in the background should show a notification in the notification tray. If you try to turn it off, you will lose the connection.

So whenever you connect your device to these apps the notification will be at the top of the screen and you will be staring right at you. Fortunately, the AirMore notification disappears when you exit the app, but AirDroid’s notification always stays on top. Some users who want an interface without notifications may find this somewhat inconvenient.

Airdroid Vs Airmore Alternative 21

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Everything is free

Yes and no. AirMore offers all features listed above at no cost. You don’t have to pay a penny or be limited in terms of file size or data quota. The same does not apply to AirDroid.

AirDroid does not impose any restrictions on data transfers that occur locally, but limits the file limit to 200MB for remote connections. Furthermore, the individual file size limit in both transfer modes is limited to 30MB during use up up to 100 MB (web) and 1 GB (PC) in the pro version. The pro version will also remove ads from AirDroid, enable features such as folder transfer, remote control camera, and find my phone

Airdroid Vs Airmore Alternative 20

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Simplicity wins

For me, AirMore is a perfect AirDroid alternative and I’ve been using it for a while. Since there is no hassle about entering passwords, I prefer to use AirMore for transferring and managing files through an intuitive user interface. Of course, no file size limit is like icing on the cake.

That said, the choice of using AirDroid or AirMore will depend on your usage and requirements. If you want a remote management tool and are willing to pay money, AirDroid is a good choice. But if you have one phone management tool that works on a local network I would recommend that you try AirMore.

So which one would you prefer to use on a regular basis? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

The next up: Want to transfer files between Android and PC without internet and cables? Try the methods mentioned in the link below.

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