Air­Droid vs Join: Comparison and Review

Air Droid Vs Join

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Guide: Air­Droid vs Join: Comparison and Review

While it is fun to click pictures and take videos on smartphones, transferring them from smartphones to PC is cumbersome, especially if you have to use cables. The problem does not end here. There are files, strings of copied text, and links that we often need to transfer. Enter AirDroid and Join for Android which makes it easy.

AirDroid allows you to transfer files from your Android smartphone to Windows 10 PC and also view notifications. In a way, AirDroid behaves like it wants to give you remote access to your mobile

Join in, from the developers of the Tasker app, brings the most features including file transfer, clipboard sharing and integration with Tasker and IFTTT. It also charges a small fee to remove ads and unlock some features

That’s why we compare them today to highlight their similarities and differences so you can choose the best one for you.

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1. Installation and user interface

Institution up both apps are simple and straightforward. Download and install AirDroid on Android from the link above and launch the app. You can quickly sign up with your Google / Facebook / Twitter account. Follow the onscreen instructions to give it the necessary permissions. You can now choose which one features you would like to use.

Air Droid Vs Join 1

Air Droid Vs Join 2

Now launch the Chrome browser and enter this web address. You can also download AirDroid for Windows and Mac.

Air Droid Vs Join 3

Sign in with the Google ID and you’re ready to use it, or you can scan a QR code if that’s your thing. The user interface is nice and fluid, and all app shortcuts are neatly organized on the left. You will also see a small widget with options such as clipboard, URL and memory usage underneath.

Air Droid Vs Join 4

Likewise, you can download the Join app from the link above. Then you can sign up with Google as the app doesn’t support other social media services to sign you up upHowever, not every privacy-conscious person would be happy to see Google account support alone.

Follow the on-screen instructions to provide the necessary permissions. Here is Join’s web address.

Air Droid Vs Join 5

Join is available as a Windows 10 app, but it does not support Mac or iOS. After I signed up, the app automatically connected to my smartphone on the internet without having to scan QR codes or log in with an account. The app’s user interface is more minimalistic with a white background and limited options.

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2. Share files

The strength of AirDroid and Join is that you can share files with minimal effort. While using AirDroid, click the Photos icon and you will see separate folders for screenshots, WhatsApp photos, and so on.

Air Droid Vs Join 6

You can now transfer photos and screenshots between your mobile and PC. It’s very simple: you can drag and drop the files directly.

Air Droid Vs Join 7

Likewise, you can send messages from your desktop – you just need your mobile every time you hear the notification. The file manager works the same way by giving you access to all the files on your mobileAs with Photos above, you can share any file back and forth using drag and drop. You can search for specific files and photos. However, this is only possible if you know the exact or part of the file name.

Air Droid Vs Join 8

In Join, click the SMS icon to access your messages. So what about files? See, Join wants to be a privacy focused app by not storing files on their server.

Air Droid Vs Join 9

To share files, Join uses your Google Drive account. When you share files on Android using the Join option, it will sync with your Drive folder on the desktop.

Air Droid Vs Join 11

Just share a file as you normally would and tap Join to choose the browser or mobile you want to share it with.

Air Droid Vs Join 10

Likewise, any file you save in the respective Google Drive folder will be made available on it mobileYou could say I can use Drive, why bother with the app? While their intent is solid, I don’t have a Google Drive either and it’s still a third-party server as far as I’m concerned.

On the other hand, AirDroid uses end-to-end encryption to protect files transferred through the server.

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3. Share text, URLs, web pages

Join comes with a handy Chrome extension that instantly opens up new possibilities for you. If you click on the icon, you will see a list of all your connected devices with options such as sharing web pages, a snippet of copied text, and transferring files from the browser.

Air Droid Vs Join 12

In AirDroid, you have to manually copy the URL or a piece of text and paste it into a web or desktop app, which isn’t too difficult to do but takes away from the convenience. For example, in Join while browsing, you can also right-click anywhere on the page to share it.

Air Droid Vs Join 13

AirDroid offers special options in a handy widget at the top right. For example, anything you copy is visible under the Clipboard option. Likewise, any URL you copy will be available there. Just click on the blue arrow to move it to it mobile phone

Air Droid Vs Join 14

Both AirDroid and Join allow you to take screenshots of whatever is on you mobile screen. Brilliant for bloggers like me. Unfortunately, AirDroid did not work for me. I was greeted with a message to check the box “Don’t show again” but the box never showed upMaybe it has something to do with the smartphone I was using, Mi Note 5 Pro. In Join, click the screenshot button took a screenshot and saved it in the respective Drive folder. Just allow it on the Join app when prompted.

Air Droid Vs Join 15

Air Droid Vs Join 16

In a surprising way, at least for me, AirDroid and Join decided to include Find Phone featureGoogle and Apple already offer this, and they work well. So why bother features that users don’t need or will use?

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4. Unusual Features

Join connects with many third-party apps to bring you even more featuresFirst up is Tasker, developed by the same team, that offers endless ways to automate your Android smartphone. Then there is IFTTT which is similar to Tasker for the web. Virtually any service with an API works with IFTTT, so you can automate everything from social media updates to LED lights in your homeFinally, there is Node Red, an automation tool for Windows users.

Air Droid Vs Join 17

AirDroid has one feature called AirMirror that your phone as it is on your pc screen. That means your phone Your PC’s screen is emulated on your PC’s screen. To do this in your browser, you need a specific Chrome extension. You will of course need a USB cable if you have a non-rooted one phoneSo it is not wireless but still works fine.

Air Droid Vs Join 18

You can control certain aspects of your phone such as volume, write with external keyboard and lock screen.

Finally, AirDroid comes with a business plan that allows you to connect and control more than 10 devices. Additional features include bulk transfer and management of files and device monitoring using Dashboard with administrative functions.

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5. Prices and platforms

AirDroid works on the Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows platform with a web version that works on popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. I was hoping for a Chrome extension, but that’s not a deal breaker. AirDroid will cost you $ 1.99 / month. The free version has a limit of 200MB for remote data transfer and a maximum file size of 30MB, which is 100MB for internet and 1GB for PC in the pro version.

That’s where Join shines. It costs a one-time fee of $ 1.39 for the Windows app and $ 4.99 for the Android app. That’s about it. The Chrome extension is free.

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Connect the dots

Today we use multiple devices such as smartphones and laptopsThat is why apps like Join and AirDroid are useful for transferring files between such devices. Now you can access files, notifications and send / receive messages all from one interface.

Both apps are very similar in terms of base features are concerned. Where AirDroid offers better design and layout with screen mirroring, Join bundles third-party integration into a cost-effective package. Try both, pick one!

The next up: Do you love AirDroid or do you already have one? Here are 7 AirDroid features explained in detail, especially for you.

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