Best Android Apps For Bloggers

Best Android Apps For Bloggers

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Guide: Best Android Apps For Bloggers

Blogging has always been about expressing yourself and sharing what you know on the internet. Android as an operating system is growing rapidly thanks to its availability on a wide variety of smartphones and tablets, as well as the rapidly growing number of applications available on Google Play. With massive amounts of innovation advancing technological advancements mobile phones and the landscape of mobile apps today allow bloggers to not only blog on the go, but also to perform many blog-related tasks on their smartphones when away from their computer.

The following are 15 free Android apps you should check out and download if you’re an avid blogger who regularly update multiple blogs. They don’t cost anything, so feel free to try them out on your computer phone

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1. WordPress

WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular blogging platform on the web. This app, which has been made compatible with self-hosted WordPress blogs and blogs hosted on, allows you to perform many essential tasks such as creating, editing and publishing blog posts, comment moderation , checking analytical data and publishing photos. or videos taken with the camera on your mobile phone

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2. Blogger

Blogger is another popular platform that many personal bloggers use. If you have a blog on Blogger then you should definitely give this app a try. However, the functionality of this app is still very limited compared to the WordPress app, which is surprising given that Google itself is behind this official app from their blogging service.

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3. Tumblr

Many bloggers would rather keep a Tumblr blog, also known as a microblog, than a full blog. This is because posting short blurbs of interesting content, such as quotes, videos, and photos, is less stressful. This app, made for Tumblr bloggers, has handy ones features for posting content, scheduling posts, viewing and replying to posts, and you can even manage multiple Tumblr blogs with the app. It also shows you Tumblr blogs from Contacts in your address book so you can start following them.

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4. Writer

Blogging and getting things done with your smartphone isn’t easy, especially when there are so many distractions on the screen itself. Apps and incoming notifications are the most common productivity killers. Writer is a stripped-down word processor that aims to solve this problem by providing a distraction-free writing environment on your smartphone or tablet, so you can fully focus on creating text content with peace of mind.

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5. Google Drive

Google Drive allows bloggers to store all kinds of documents including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, images, audios, videos and many others in the cloud. The app not only stores them, but also syncs these documents across multiple devices associated with your Google account. After sync, bloggers can access their files from anywhere. If you have a blog post that’s halfway through on your laptop, you can keep working on it with you phone during the commute to work.

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Not sure the exact meaning of a word you will be using in your blog post? Curious about an alternative word to use in your message? Do you want to know the meaning of a word or phrase used in comments posted by your readers? Well, is the solution to all of the above problems. The app is especially useful for bloggers who don’t speak English, and the ad-free version is just $ 2.99.

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7. SwiftKey keyboard

This is a dream come true for those who are tired of the typos and small keyboard buttons on your tablets or smartphones. SwiftKey Keyboard not only automatically corrects your typos, it also provides word predictions based on your past typing activities. You can even personalize the word predictions by asking the keyboard to learn your choice words on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and blog posts.

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8. Photo editor

With a smartphone, we can take photos on the go and add them to our blog posts immediately or in the near future. From time to time, we may need to make some minor tweaks to the photos we took and this is where Photo Editor comes in handy. With this app you can crop, edit and resize your photos and also add effects, texts and drawings on them.

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9. Disqus

Many bloggers integrate the Disqus comment system in their blogs because of the community features that bring back blog commentators and keep them engaged. With the Disqus Android app, you can moderate your comments, post responses to comments you receive, and keep engagement high even though you’re away from your computer.

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10. Flipboard

Flipboard only recently launched its Android app. The app allows users to browse their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ streams, as well as Google Reader feeds in a nice way to run. It also consolidates and manages a stream of important stories for those too busy to go through it all. As a blogger, you use this app and browse interesting news content on a daily basis, giving you new ideas about what to write about in your next blog post.

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11. BeyondPod Podcast Manager

Bloggers who don’t have the time or don’t like to read may prefer to listen to audio content or watch videos. With BeyondPod, you can subscribe, download, listen to audio podcasts and watch video podcasts on the go. This app is extremely useful for bloggers who drive a lot as there is very little reading time for them.

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12. Bag

As bloggers, we tend to browse the web a lot on smartphones and will come across enlightening articles and blog posts that we would like to read but cannot read due to time constraints. Pocket solves this problem by letting us save links we want to read later. The app downloads a minimalist version of an article, blog post, video, or just about anything so we can come back to it later.

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13. Evernote

Evernote is a very useful app for capturing ideas that come to mind when you are on the go. You can capture an image, write text, make sketches (with Skitch), record an audio clip, or create a to-do list with Evernote. All of these materials are then synced across all of your devices, so you can be sure that all of your notes are easily accessible through your phone, desktop and browser.

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14. Tape-a-Talk voice recorder

An app that records audio is very important to bloggers. You can use this app to record an interview with an authority figure in your industry, or create reminders for yourself. In addition to recording, Tape-a-Talk has the functionality to upload your recording to various services once the recording is complete. The paid version, which costs $ 4.99, comes with basic editing features such as cut, fix and rename.

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15. gAnalytics

The amount of traffic you receive, along with other site metrics such as bounce rates, are crucial if you are generating any kind of income from your blog. gAnalytics is like the mobile version of Google Analytics that basically allows you to take site usage statistics with you wherever you are. With this app, you don’t have to worry about the traffic performance of your blog the next time you travel.

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Did I miss any useful apps?

Fellow bloggers, were there any apps other than the ones mentioned above that you use every day? Do you have experience using the above apps or any other apps outside of this list that you would like to share with us? Leave your two cents in the comments below.

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Wayne Liew for Wayne is a blogger, entrepreneur, and tech who blogs about small business and entrepreneurship at Sprout Geek.

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