Best Apps for Android Developers

Best Apps for Android Developers

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Guide: Best Apps for Android Developers

In today’s world, twice as many Android devices are activated as babies are born per day. Beyond the middle, Android activations clock in at a million a day. And Google Play was instrumental in this phenomenal success.

The graphs below are self-explanatory – although they only show Android’s search popularity, but we have all the statistics in the world to back up what they convey!

With Android now reigning in the smartphone market, many big companies are turning to Android apps to help their business and while some have succeeded, others have only tasted sour grapes.

The main reason behind the failure of the latter is their inability to understand the precise details of the build for the Android platform – in this post, we will cover this problem and give you a good overview of building an Android app.

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Embrace responsive web design

Responsive web design, which aims to build a single site that is compatible across all platforms and browsers, revolutionized the world of web design and today has gained the popularity of mobile web design for more than one reason.

Responsive web design

Based on this design, Android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) was built. Unlike iOS and earlier versions of Android, this version tries to burn the rope between all Android devices, including phones, tablets, phablets and more. Android now flies above the limits with this movement. And now you can create apps one-for-all – this sounds fascinating, but it increases your work!

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Upgrades and Snippets

Previously, in an Android app, you had the option to create two layouts for each screen, and the operating system will automatically perform the most suitable layout. But after Android 3.2, the options for developing the layout of apps have become more numerous. For more information on this, check out this Android Developers page.

Additionally, fragments, which are basic layout components, play a vital role in Android and make it really responsive. They are flexible and stretchable pieces in a layout with which you, as a developer, must manipulate according to your requirements. The best thing about Fragments is that it allows you to create an application for all Android devices.

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Connect your apps

Connecting your app to other apps is a great way to increase functionality and ultimate adoption among users – technically, this mechanism is known as intentions

Let’s take an example: let’s say you built an app and registered it to receive intents. Your app tells the system it is installed on which intent is allowed. Suppose your app instructs the system that it can display videos and images. Whatever other app open an intention to see a video or image, users have a choice of using your app to complete their task.

By integrating your apps with social media, you can activate your app for internal sharing. And you can do this with the help of intentions. If you want to share an image of your app, your system will provide you with a list of intents according to the apps you have installed on your device. After selecting an intent associated with the social network, you will be redirected to the cameo with your share item already there.

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App icon design

Don’t forget that you are competing with 600,000 other apps on Google Play. In the presence of such a competitive app icon, the design can certainly make a big difference in its eventual popularity. Rock your app icon by:

  • keep it simple but attractive
  • keep it as unique and original as it could be
  • Stick to the rule of thumb – don’t let the graphics speak here words
  • design it in such a way that it conveys what it is about

And finally, don’t forget that if your app icon is generating expectations, your app must meet or exceed expectations.

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Pricing for Android apps

Keeping your app free will no doubt increase its accessibility and you can always keep the donate to developer option there. Charging the admission fee is okay, if you’ve worked so hard developing an app, why let it be used for free? But if it’s not free, how much is exactly right?

For this you need to categorize your app: is it in the low price segment or in the premium segment? Is it a utility app or an entertainment app? See how much your competitors have priced their app. See if your app has something that was never there before. If so, you can start pricing it higher than your competitors.

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summarizing up

Finally, developing an app is like a game: if you play it right, do your basics right, and play your cards right, you can become tops.

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Sahil Anand for Sahil is a content writer and editor who likes to explore and write about different technologies. He writes for, one mobile app company that helps you reach your target audience through the mobile world.

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