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Guide: Best Chrome Apps for Google Drive

With so many cloud services to choose from, I’m sure most of us have started using them to store files in the cloud. There are all kinds of users who prefer online storage. Some upload almost all of their data to online backup services and use it as an extension of their hard drive. Others simply use it to store important documents that they always want to access.

One thing they all (almost all) had in common is that when a user wanted to work on one of their files (think tasks like editing a photo or a document) he had to download them to the local hard drive, run the job and then upload it to the server again. However, Google Drive users have better options.

The benefit of using Google Drive is that many Chrome-based applications extend their support for it. With these online apps integrated into Google Drive, you can now access, edit and save your work directly without downloading the files. Seriously, how cool is that!

So let’s take a look at some of these apps that can be helpful in our daily use of the computer.

Note: All of these applications require some special permissions for your Google account, and you must approve them for each app when you use them for the first time.

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1. Aviary for Google Drive

Aviary is one of the most amazing web-based image editors available. If you’re looking for a simple, online solution to give your photos some basic adjustments, you can always rely on it. Now with Aviary for Google Drive, all great features are readily available in your Google Drive.

Photo editor

Aviary integrates seamlessly with Google Drive and lets you edit photos if you’ve uploaded them to your Drive. After installing the app, open your Google drive and right click on the photo you want to edit.

From the context menu, right-click Open With -> Aviary for Google Drive. You can now edit the photo and make any changes. When done, click Apply button and save the photo. The photo is automatically saved in your Google Drive account.

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2.8 reader

8Reader is an online ebook reader for Chrome. If you have an ebook on your Google Drive in EPUB, MOBI or FB2 format, you can open it directly with 8reader and start reading. Like Aviary, the app will integrate with the Open With menu for ebook file formats.

8 Reader 2

You can also convert your ebook from one format to another directly from the 8reader app. The app has a simple interface and the ability to control fonts and daylight colors improves the reading experience.

8Reader for Chrome

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3. SlideRocket

Although Google has brought something new features to its online presentation editor, if you are looking for the best web app to handle your presentation, no one can compete with SlideRocket. If I did wrap all the features from SlideRocket and put it in front of you, I would say it’s just as good as an average desktop presentation editing application.

Slide Rocket

All I can say is that if you already have a presentation on Google Drive that you need to edit quickly, SlideRocket should be your default application handler.

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4. Lucidchart: Diagrams

Lucidchart: Diagrams is an online alternative to Microsoft Visio. It can be used to draw flowcharts, mockups, UML, ER diagrams and much more. If you have Microsoft Visio documents on your Google Drive, you can easily open and edit them. It is an added benefit to save the progress directly to Google Drive. You can even export the creations as a PNG, JPG or PDF file.

Lucidchart Diagrams

If you plan to start from scratch, create a new drawing from Create -> More buttonThat’s not all, you can also back-up of files on Lucidchart plans to Google Drive.

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5. Pixorial video

Pixorial Video makes it easy to edit and share any videos you have on Google Drive. Once you install the app and verify your Google account, all videos will be immediately synced to the Pixorial Video library. You can then add useful video effects such as cropping, adding background music, etc.

Pixorial video

Usage is exactly as we said for the above apps. After you complete the operation, you can save it directly to Google Drive and also publish it on the web.

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Additional Tip – Change default apps for file types in Google Drive

If you want to make any of the above apps the default app for launching associated files, here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Log into your Google Drive account and click on the settings button

Google Drive Settins

Step 2: From the drop-down menu, select Manage apps to open the application management option for Google Drive.

Manage apps

Step 3: You can now set any app as the default app for a Google Drive file type. You can also delete an app, along with all of its permissions for your Google account.

Making changes

That’s it, these are all the apps I use while working on my Google Drive files. If you’d like to add some of your favorites to the list, we’ve got a great comment section for that. Also let us know which one is your favorite from the list above.

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Best Chrome Apps for Google Drive: benefits

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