Best Content Curation Tools For Blogging

Best Content Curation Tools For Blogging

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Guide: Best Content Curation Tools For Blogging

Running a blog professionally takes a lot of effort. And most of a blogger’s time is spent researching and organizing information – often more than it takes to create the content yourself.

But it is possible to save a significant amount of time at this stage if you use the right management toolsCuration helps you filter the signal out of the noise and manage information more efficiently

Here are some such curation tools that can help you with this. One thing we have kept in mind when making this list: the tools should only be intended for use by individual users and not by enterprises, and consequently a majority of their feature set should be offered for free.

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1. Listly

Use it to: Create smarter lists that your readers can interact with.

Bloggers know that list-based stories workThat’s why we have so many “9 Ways To…” and “13 Things You Should Know About…” messages flying around. Lists work because they are easier to consume than a piece of text. But what if you could crowdsource your moldings?

Listly brings one collaborative approach to making lists that is much more suitable for online publishing than just standard text-based lists. Once a list has been created, readers can add additions to the list, vote the entries up or down, comment on an item, share the list, and even embed the list on their own website.

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2. Headslinger

Use it for: Find news that is relevant to you faster than ever before.

Need a way to quickly scroll through news headlines? Give Headslinger a try. With Headslinger, you can follow the most popular publications on the web, broken down into different sections such as art, auto, technology, food, travel, health, humor, entertainment and more.

You can sort your news sources and keep them in separate folders for better organization. At a glance you will see all the headlines of a publication, along with a small excerpt – from here you can share these headlines directly on your social networks or Garland them to read later whenever you want.

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3. Utopian

Use it for: Easily save web pages with one click and sort them into folders.

Browser bookmarking systems are often too basic to serve any real purpose. In most cases, we just click on the bookmark button and then lose sight of it; the bookmarks just keep piling up in an endless list that we’ll never end up using. Fortunately, better tools are available.

Utopic is a visual bookmarking tool with social features you allow that search, save and sort web pagesInstallation is very simple, you just need to draw up with your Twitter or Facebook account – and once inside you can create a bookmarklet or a Chrome extension to create your bookmarks. If you are looking for an alternative, go to Diigo.

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4. Prismatic

Use it for: Get highly personalized recommendations for what to read next.

Prismatic is a beautifully designed news curation and discovery app which uses machine learning algorithms to filter content that matches the interests of a specific user. To start your account, select and follow ten topics from the many available topics, such as business, television, health, technology, automotive, DIY, and more.

Once you do that, you’ll be taken to your Prismatic homepage, which presents stories about the topics and the people you’ve been following. Once you start reading, liking and sharing stories, Prismatic automatically and continuously up content most suitable for you.

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5. Protopage

Use it for: Set up up your go-to page on the web for information and task management

Protopage is an RSS reader, virtual desktop and internet home pageIt’s an extreme feature rich tool that allows you to create a completely customized page for yourself on the Internet. You can use it to read your own selection of blogs and news, create to-do lists, keep bookmarks, post sticky notes, add photos, manage your calendar and more.

The basic organization on the page is done by create, edit, and arrange widgets according to your needsProtopage also optimizes content for viewing mobile devices such as Android, iOS and Blackberry.

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Use it to: Easily create bookmarks without installing resource-intensive extensions is the simplest bookmarking system you will ever use. There are many bookmarking tools available, but almost all of them require you to install some sort of browser extension to work – and if you’re using different browsers on multiple devices, find and install the right one. extensions for all of them. None of that is necessary with

All you have to do is create an account and add “” to a link in your browser and hit enter. That is it. Your bookmark has now been saved. You can create lists if you want, but others features like tags and descriptions have been shunned in favor of simplicity. Who is complaining?

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7. Kippt

Use it to: Gather design inspiration, tell stories, explore new topics, and more

Kippt is a full feature management and archiving tool that allows you to save links, read articles, watch videos, share notes, and much more. Your collections can be private, public, or shared with the people you work with. Kippt makes your information workflow and archiving effortless.

If you pick up something for Kippt, the page and its content are searchable, organizable and readable on your devices and easy to share too.

So, these were some tools that can help you save time, be more organized, and manage information in a more effortless way. What are some other tools you use to manage information?

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Vishveshwar Jatain for Vishveshwar, writer and editor for over 6 years, with experience in both digital and print media.

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