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Guide: Best Copywriting Fundamentals for Blogging

Most people think of copywriting as an advertising medium where the copywriter deals with it fine art of writing to sell a particular product or service. However, it is more than that. Copywriting, according to, is ‚Äúthe art and science of writing words to promote a product, company, person or idea; and carefully select, work, weave and construct them words in a way that they persuade the reader to take specific and measurable action. “

The keyword in that definition is ‘convinceSelling your business to potential customers is a form of persuasion, but that type of advertising is only a subset of what copywriting is all about. Blogging about your opinion can be a form of beliefTo convince the readers in your opinion, increase the traffic flow to your site, motivate others, etc. As a freelance blogger, I strongly believe in the ability of words to to inspire and even change people’s lives

Whatever the purpose of your copywriting, there are certain copywriting basics that we can adhere to and keep our readers captivated, and here are a few.

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1. Make it a conversation

Unlike other forms of writing, such as news writing or novels, copywriting tends to get more personal with the reader by making it seem like a conversation. Copywriting for blogs means it can be read by thousands of people, but you have to assume that you only write to one personWhy? Because any reader who comes across your message can read it for themselves at any time. He or she is that connect with what you have written and you don’t want to break the reading stream.

That kind of connection is especially crucial when you’re trying to convince your reader. You have to ‘speak’ in their language and relate to them with personal experience, observations, etc. Emotions are unique to us humans, so be sure to include them in your writings too. Other ways to maintain the conversation-like atmosphere is through have short paragraphs and limit one idea to each ideaThis ensures that the flow of the ‘conversation’ remains uninterrupted and ideas remain absorbable and understandable

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2. Clear, concise and to the point

When it comes to copywriting for blogs, this one Internet readers are much more different from offline readersGiven the wealth of information available to them within a few clicks of their mouse, they can easily move from one site to another if they find the former boring. It gets boring when the blog offers a lot of them words little information

clear and concise

The first line is then, again, to keep sentences and paragraphs shortThis will not alone make your ideas clearer, but also turn your entire article into neatly organized, easy to read chunks Add headlines and subheadings so that the reader can tell at first glance the organization of your writings. If the readers can’t immediately identify the overall structure of your article, chances are they try other sites that are more systematic.

Minimize the use of jargons also; it hinders the understanding of the article. Just remember that when it comes to the Internet, no one wants to waste time figuring out information. Everyone wants it fast and fast

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3. Customer oriented

While the term ‘customer’ seems to imply that you are selling a service or product, it can also be generalized sell ideas, solutions and knowledge to your customers, or your readers. Therefore, you must judge who your target audience is and what their needs areRemember that you are selling and convincing others, so what you write should be emphasized how your customers can benefit from this by reading it.


What kind of information do your readers want to receive from your blog? Tips or solutions how to solve their computer problems? Something that inspires and motivates their lives? These will be answered once you understand who your target audience is. From that moment on you will know what are the topics searched by them, down to the details such as how to structure your articlesYour research on topics (if any) will be more effective in the sense that you know in advance what interests them and what doesn’t.

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4. Start with good headlines

What is the first thing a reader will notice in an article? The head! To encourage the reader to read on, it should be your headline infectious enough to motivate further reading. As with sentences, keep your head short enough (preferably seven words or less), so that the reader can find out what it is about at the first reading.

headlines/ p>

There are many ways you can entice the readers. You can get a witty cup or something that arouses curiosityThe most common (and perhaps even foolproof) method is to state the benefitAfter all, according to point 3, everyone who reads the article wonders ‘what’s in it for me’If the benefit is revealed from the outset, everyone would be encouraged to read on as long as it is what the readers want. Such headlines are straight to the point and clear for internet readers, who we all know from point 2, are ‘capricious’ individuals.

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5. Proofreading

Practice makes perfect, just like proofreading. In any kind of writing, it is critical that the writer reread the whole thing and make sure it flowsWithout such a flow, it is difficult for the reader to establish a connection with the writer through the words, sentences and paragraphs. Belief requires the reader to relate to what you say


Apart from that, the reliability of the article is less likely to be questioned as the spelling and grammar are correctThis affects the number of readers who will then return to your blog for more articles.

Other than proofreading yourself, why not let someone else read your messageSometimes when you spend too much time working on a specific item, your mindset and perspective become rigid. You may not see your own mistakes and may not be able to detect lack of flow. Having another person who hasn’t seen your article in any way would allow the person to provide unbiased, objective and constructive feedback

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