Best Exten­sions for Google Chrome Browser

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Guide: Best Exten­sions for Google Chrome Browser

Chrome is quickly turning into a beast of an ecosystem. So much so that people have started using Chromebooks to do real work. Not surprisingly though, with the plethora of extensions available to suit all your needs. And as Chrome Packaged Apps are gaining traction on desktop apps, the Chrome ecosystem has matured much more.

As advanced as Chrome is when it comes to web technologies, it’s still a pretty big memory hog. And using multiple extensions at the same time can only make things worse.

So instead of running dozens of different extensions for one purpose, try some of these all-in-one extensions instead.

Here are our picks for the best multipurpose extensions available for Chrome.

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1. Backtick


Backtick is a console for bookmarklets. It comes prepackaged with a lot of functionality. You can start it by pressing the Tilda key (`). From the console you can type any command, hit enter and it will be executed.

To see the full list, just press the spacebar once. Here’s a taste of what Backtick can do for you: download videos, skip YouTube ads, share content on various social networks, identify the fonts used on the website, change the size of the viewport, and up rulers and guides, or check if the website is offline for you or everyone.

Of course, you can do all of this by dragging bookmarklets onto your bookmarks bar, but that can get complicated very quickly. Backtick gives you all commands in one central location and allows you to start them quickly. You can download Backtick here.

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2. FastestFox for Chrome

Fastest Fox

If Chrome is your default browser, FastestFox (UPDATE: this tool is no longer available) is a must have. It provides you with endless scrolling pages all over the web so you never have to search for the next one buttonIt also comes with a pretty powerful highlights menu. From here you can search for and look at the highlighted word in various places up on Wikipedia there.

It also shows you relevant shopping results, which you can turn off if you find it annoying.

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3. Great screenshot

Great Screenshot

There are many screenshot tools available for Mac, Windows and Chrome. But Awesome Screenshot stands out above the rest thanks to its long feature list and ability to perform well.

Not only can you take a screenshot for a specific part of the screen or the entire webpage, you also get different annotation options. And you can do all of this right in the browser. You don’t need to save the photo, search for it, put it in a photo editor and then edit it. Once done, you can share the screenshot to various social network platforms with

It uploads the image to its servers and instantly gives you a shareable link. Alternatively, you can also use Google Drive or your local storage to save the images.

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4. SmartVideo for YouTube

Smart video

We spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos be it Nyan Cat or parodies. So it makes sense to better tailor YouTube to your needs. SmartVideo offers you many options to adjust the buffering in YouTube, which is a source of frustration for many. SmartVideo can start buffering the video as soon as the page loads. When you pause, SmartVideo will keep downloading the video instead of stopping after a few seconds, which is what YouTube does now.

Cool tip If you think YouTube’s servers can’t properly determine the most appropriate resolution for your internet connection, you can force it to load HD every time as well.

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Your take?

Do you have your own favorite all-in-one extension for Chrome? Let us know in the comments below.

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