Best Exten­sions to Cus­tomize Google Chrome Homepage

Customize Google Homepage

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Guide: Best Exten­sions to Cus­tomize Google Chrome Homepage

I usually use the Chrome browser on my PC for daily browsing. This is not to say that Firefox is doing anything wrong. It’s just a matter of preference. A few days ago I borrowed it from my friend laptop to check out the FIFA schedule and was pleasantly surprised.

Although my Google homepage had a simple zen wallpaper in the background, it had tons of useful widgets with live data. The tiles were better organized, there was a live beach, weather reports and even a to-do list! This led me to some research and here’s what I found.

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1. Flavr

Flavr is a cool little extension that will change your Google home page background with some fantastic wallpapers. These images are from Unsplash.


You can hide the bookmarks and the list of recently visited sites. All that’s left is the Google search bar with a beautiful background. But that is not everything. You can also connect your Facebook account and use your profile pictures as wallpaper. You have to have some great selfies to do this.

While graphics are a nice touch, Flavr leaves a lot to be desired. It’s not sophisticated features and doesn’t make good use of all that empty space.

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2. Live home page

Live Start Page comes with an introduction explaining what you can do with this extension, and that’s a lot. You see a bit quickly at the bottom left of the screen tips and shortcuts.

The live beach wallpaper installs by default, the one I talked about earlier. You can create your to-do list of tasks at the bottom left of your new tab screen.

There are hundreds of live and static wallpapers to browse and download. If you want the live wallpaper to stop moving, there is a convenient break button

Live home page Chrome extension

Click Configure Settings button opened a new tab with more options than I expected. Everything from the size of the clock to the opacity of the widgets can be managed here.

At the top right, you’ll find a weather widget with a sidebar to create groups for bookmarks. The sidebar is visible when you double click.

Live homepage weather extension

Pro version, at $ 1.99 / m, adds even more features such as Google Calendar sync (future update), seconds needle in clock, multiple weather widgets and so on.

An interesting one feature is the meditation mode that removes all distractions from the screen and plays ambient music in the background to help you relax. It also comes with professional recorded sessions, but I haven’t tried it. I am happy with Headspace.

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3. Infinity New Tab

Where Live Start Page is heavy and can slow down your New Tab, Infinity New Tab is light but rich in it featuresWith a minimalist approach, this nifty Chrome extension adds a static background to reduce tab loading time.

There are 10 shortcuts on it home page, but you can add more. When you click on the weather icon, the right sidebar will appear up offering weather information. Likewise, when you click on the tasks or notes icon, the right sidebar of Chrome’s homepage appears up to reveal more options.

Infinity New Tab Chrome extension

You can control the number of icons in the grid, how they look and feel, quickly take notes, and search multiple search engines from the tab.

The extension is light at 1MB, compared to 35MB Live Home, and offers the number of Gmail notifications right in the tab! It’s less cluttered, which makes it even more useful.

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4. Momentum

Momentum is a polite Chrome extension. The first time you install it, it will ask for your name before making any changes. It will then ask for your email ID so that everything stays in sync.

Momentum makes it very easy. You will get a new serene beautiful wallpaper every day with a quote to inspire you. There is a weather widget at the top right of your Google homepage.

Momentum Chrome extension

To help you stay productive and focused, Momentum asks you to enter a single task at the bottom of the screen. One thing you must do today. This strategy really works because aren’t we all guilty of trying to accomplish too much?

If you want to accomplish more, there is a to-do list option at the bottom right of the tab. It’s free of all the extra features which we’ve covered before, but that’s okay in its own way.

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5. Speed ​​dial (FVD)

Speed ​​dialing, as the name suggests, is all about speed. A very popular Google Chrome home page extension that presents all your shortcut icons in 3D.

Speed ​​Dial Fvd

A great way to customize your most visited sites. Each icon is called a watch face, which you can give a custom URL and name. As I moved my mouse, the wallpaper in the background also moved, creating a nice 3D effect.

Speed ​​Dial was developed to do one thing: help you quickly access your favorite sites.

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6. Start – A better new page

Want to stay informed about feeds? Where Flavr was too minimalistic, Start offers a way to get updates from social media sites like Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram using RSS feeds in one tab. You can simply drag and drop widgets to suit your priorities.

Chrome extension for homepage

It also works with Google Calendar, which was a real plus for me as I use it extensively. To take it a step further, you can also see Uber wait time, Spotify daily tracks and it comes with a handy screenshot tool. While I don’t think Uber’s wait time will come in handy (I prefer the app), the marker screenshot tool was a good thought.

Apart from this, everything else features we discussed before like notes, to-do lists and weather forecasts are there.

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Customize your workspace

Most of us turn into zombies and spend most of our days (and nights) at the screen. You really can’t use the internet without a browser. Why not make the most of it?

The next up: Does your Chrome browser open old tabs when you open it? upHere’s a brief but helpful one guide to fix it.

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