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Guide: Best Firefox Settings You Must Know

There are many settings which Firefox offers in addition to the general ones, can be found in the Options menu. Many of these advanced settings can be found at specific browser pages using the about: protocol. In this article I’ll show you 10 lesser known Firefox settings this can be useful in your daily workflow.

When you visit any of the about: pages in the list below and you are prompted for a warning message, click OK or I’ll be careful, I promise! button – whatever you encounter.

1. Perform DNS lookup

You can get a internal DNS lookup (finding the IP address of a domain) in Firefox.

Type about: networking in the URL bar and press Enter. On the next page, click on “DNS lookup” in the sidebar menu, type in the domain name and click Resolve to see its IP address (es).

2. Block automatic renewal

Sometimes web pages come with refresh HTTP headers that cause pages to refresh frequently.

To avoid that, go to about: preferences # advanced, and under the Accessibility subtitle, check the box labeled “Notify me when websites try to redirect or reload the page”.

Auto-Refresh setting

3. Search as you type

Pressing Ctrl + F opens a page search box in Firefox that allows users to search for a string on a web page. But it is possible to save the key combination and start searching as you start typing.

In the “Accessibility” section of the about: preferences # advanced page, check the box labeled “Search for text when I start typing”.

Search setting as you type

From now on, when you start typing and the cursor is not in a text entry field on the page, Firefox will immediately search for the text on the web page.

4. Unlink Backspace key

To avoid being surprised by someone secretly trying to backspace in your browser history, you can do this replace the backspace action with one that scrolls the page up if you press Backspace, it scrolls down on Shift + Backspace. You can also configure the Backspace key to take no action at all.

Go to about: config and type browser.backspace_action in the search bar. The default value of this browser setting is 0.

Unmap Backspace Key setting

Double click on it and change it to 1 for map scrolling action to the Backspace key, or change it to 2 for decoupling every action

5. Move with cursor keys

Read and want to read a long article or story online more control while jumping lineYou can use the cursor to navigate in the text

Under “Accessibility” on the about: preferences # advanced page, check the option “Always use the cursor keys to navigate within pages”.

Move around with the cursor keys setting

In addition to the standard arrow cursor, a flashing text cursor also appears on websites. You can move it with the arrow keys.

6. Paste on middle click

I have a mouse with a center buttonUse it for paste text from the clipboard in text fields on web pages.

Go to about: config and type middlemouse.paste in the search bar. The default value is false, double click on it and change it to true.

Paste at middle click setting

7. Customize the print header and footer

When you print a web page in Firefox, it uses a standard layoutIn the top left corner of the printed page is the title of the web page, top right the URL, bottom left the page number of the total number of pages, and bottom right the date-time.

You can change this arrangementFor example, you can add something to the center of the header or footer, remove some of the default information altogether, or replace it with your own text.

On the about: config page, there are six settings for customizing the print head and footer:

  1. print.print_headercenter
  2. print.print_headerleft
  3. print.print_headerright
  4. print.print_footercenter
  5. print.print_footerleft
  6. print.print_footerright

Printhead custom settingPrint custom footer setting

You must type the name of the setting from the list above in the search bar on the about: config page to change its value. The value can be one of the following strings or your custom text

  1. & D – Date-time
  2. & P – Page number
  3. & PT – Page number of total number of pages
  4. & T – Title of the web page
  5. & U – URL
8. Change default colors

you have the option to change the default background, text and link colors in Firefox.

Go to about: preferences # content, click Colors… in the “Fonts & Colors” section and select the new colors.

Color setting

9. Filter Awesome Bar Links

Awesome Bar, Firefox’s location bar shows a list of links when you start typing. The links displayed are from your bookmarks, browser history and currently open pages.

You can filter these Awesome Bar links by typing one of the following special characters in the location bar, either before your search or just by itself:

  1. # – Match page title
  2. @ – Match URL
  3. * – Matches only links in bookmarks
  4. ^ – Match only links in history
  5. + – Only match with links that are tagged
  6. % – Matches only links that are currently open

Awesomebar with Open Tab filterAwesomebar with Open Tab Filter and Input

10. Export bookmarks automatically in HTML

If you want Firefox automatically save your bookmarks in HTML format as a list of links, you can do this by going to about: config, typing browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML in the search bar and changing the default value from false to true by double clicking on it.

Set bookmark

When you restart your browser, a file called bookmarks.html will appear in your Firefox profile folder with all bookmark links.

To view your profile folder, go to about: support and press the button View folder. Keep in mind that you might must be restarted your entire system for the change to take effect.

From now on, every time you close Firefox, the bookmarks.html file will be updated with your current bookmarks list.

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