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Guide: Best Fire­fox Themes For Retro Look

What is your preference? Do you like jazzed up, shiny themes to dress up up your Firefox browser, or do you like to cut back and go for something more minimal? If you’re anything like me, I think you’d suit your mood.

I usually hesitate between the two (and a few more types of themes). And why not? Choosing and installing themes from the Firefox Add-ons gallery is easy. You now also have personas to choose along with your themes.

It’s like having a choice of wallpaper and paint for your home. (If you’re unsure about the difference between Personas and Themes, check out this Mozilla Support page that explains the difference).

Finding and using Firefox themes is a breeze. The only problem is the choice of many. With that, I’m in the mood to go retro and totally classic with my Firefox browser.

I think my feelings for this post reflect what a theme developer himself says –

I think that may seem strange, but my interest is twofold: I like to use a theme that takes me back to 1994-1995 when I was messing around on the early internet, and secondly, I think it’s interesting to see how actually little has changed in terms of web browser design and features in 15 years.

So follow along as I try to pick five that suit my mood for the day.

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Firefox 2

Firefox Retro Themes 01

Firefox 2 as it was, but now with the power of the latest Firefox engine underneath.

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Firefox Retro Themes02C

Orthodox takes you back to the original Netscape 4 look. It still works with older versions of the Firefox browser. A classic in the truest sense of the word.

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Firefox Retro Themes 03

Foxscape is similar to Netscape 4.x, Netscape 6+ Classic theme, Mozilla Suite M18 + and SeaMonkey 1.x Classic. It could be the theme of choice if you enjoy using Netscape related themes.

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Firefox Retro Themes 04

The retro look of Nautipolis and the look of the icons are inspired by Gnome Art. Right out of the box as support for extensions such as StumbleUpon, Chatzilla, Download Manager, TabMixPlus, Forecastfox and more. The theme is neat and functional; intended for daily use.

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Phoenix Simple

Firefox Retro Themes 05

Phoenix Simple (UPDATE: this tool is no longer available) as the name implies, is an uncomplicated take on Mozilla Phoenix, the first iteration of the browser that eventually became Firefox. It’s also lightweight as it only replaces the Back, Forward, Stop, Reload and Go buttons and restores the button surrounds.

Well, these five themes helped satisfy my interest in the ‘classics’. Call me nostalgic for the old times, but sometimes I just like to turn back the clock and use these themes with today’s powerful collection of apps and add-ons. And you? What is your favorite classic or retro theme?

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