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Guide: Best Free Websites to Learn Coding

Teach yourself how to program can seem daunting, and reading full textbooks on the matter is downright exhausting. Instead, try one of these four free websites to learn how to code. There are different lessons, tasks, and help documents on each website, so use them all to get an even wider range of help materials.

What sets these four websites apart from other code learning services is that they are all free, provide an interactive interface for learning and viewing results, and walk you through the necessary steps in a simple and straightforward way. Let’s take a look at them.

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1. Code academy

Figure 50

Codeacademy is the go-to site for beginners to learn to code. With many languages ​​to choose from, it works great for anyone looking to learn – whether you’re a beginner or advanced user.

Study these languages ​​at Codeacademy:

  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Php
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • HTML
  • C.S.S

Learning is very easy with the interactive tutorials and live previews. Each tutorial has some instructions for what to do to continue the lesson.

For example, the first HTML lesson is very easy because it walks you through the implementation and explains it during implementation.

On the left are instructions for what needs to be done to complete the first step of the course, which are available for each course so you know what needs to be done to complete the course.

Picture 42

Picture 43

As you type, the results are displayed in a simple embedded web page, if you like, for easy feedback.

Picture 44

If you get stuck, click on the hint to see what needs to be done to finish it. These are available for almost any course. The more difficult ones aren’t that easy, but by then you should have a pretty good idea of ​​what needs to be done to complete the tasks.

Figure 45

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2. Code Avengers

Figure 51

Code Avengers features a similar design to Codeacademy, with a live preview section and text editor in the same window. The instructions are also there, making learning and practicing very easy.

Study these languages ​​at Code Avengers:

Let’s say you want to learn JavaScript with Code Avengers. Level 1 features 40 lessons and 5 tasks for each lesson. That’s 200 steps to learn the first level of JavaScript. This shows how much detail you will go into with Code Avengers.

Each lesson has a set of instructions above the text area for easy viewing. Hints look good in the instructions if you click on the underlined wordsYou will receive points during the course, which will encourage you to learn without hints or finish lessons without getting the answer.

The text area and live preview are aligned directly below the instructions for easy learning and viewing pleasure.

Picture 46

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3. LearnStreet

Figure 52

LearnStreet courses are based on their Learn by doing approach. Like the previous services, LearnStreet offers a clean and simple interface to practice programming while learning at the same time.

Study these languages ​​on LearnStreet:

We’ll look at learning Ruby for this example.

At the start of the course, you can review the content of the lesson to get an overview of where you will be taken during this learning journey. Open the Content section to view the different topics.

Picture 47

A nice set of definitions and terms is presented in the Glossary section for easy reference to questions during a study.

The interactive text part provides great feedback during practice, so you learn what is happening and how to achieve a certain result.

Figure 48

Updating: Unfortunately LearnStreet stopped a while ago. Alternatively, you can check out SnoopCode, which allows you to understand and learn programming in an interactive way.

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4. Coursera

Untitled 1

Coursera is an education company that offers free courses from the best universities and organizations in the world. While the interface isn’t as intuitive as the previous three services, the content here is full of informative courses that would go well with the previous websites.

Choose from one of the categories for specific courses, such as programming studies.

The programming courses here are the ones you’d find in an actual school course. For example, learn Python here in an interactive course of 9 weeks. The main point that separates Coursera from the other services listed is that you have to wait for the session to start, as you would in a school program. Just draw up as you would under any website and wait for the email when the course starts.

Figure 49

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All of these services provide great easy-to-use instructions, interactive work areas, and feedback. Each offers tips and help documents for learning the different programming languages. Best of all, they are all free!

Now it’s your turn to try these out and perfect your programming skills.

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Best Free Websites to Learn Coding: benefits

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