Best Image View­er Apps for MacBook

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Best Image View­er Apps for MacBook – Guide

Although we have QuickLook on macOS, which allows you to view most file formats, either natively or with add-ons, it is not yet a replacement for a complete photo viewer application. I made an extensive list of image viewer applications for Windows some time ago, which offered a wide variety of applications for each use. If you use a Mac and want a decent photo viewer app, here are some of the best image viewer apps for Mac. Let’s take a look at them.

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Xee is a very simple replacement for Preview. Despite the similarities, Xee takes a step forward with some features. As expected, the Preview and Next buttons to navigate between images are placed in the upper left corner. The other options are positioned neatly next to them at the top.

The Xee status bar shows additional details about the image, such as its dimensions, file type, file size, color details and more. The only thing I found strange that Xee didn’t choose up the dark guys from my macOS. I had to navigate to Preferences> Xee Style and choose Black.

Xee is simply an image viewer. This means that if you are looking for an Image Viewer with editing options, you are out of luck here. This application is simplified, fast and very responsive.

Unfortunately, Xee is not free and you will have to pay $ 3.99 to buy it on the App Store on your Mac.

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XnView MP

XnView is more than an image viewer. It is a popular cross-platform media management software, and Windows users love it so much that many want to define XnView as the default image viewer in Windows 10. With support for more than 500 image formats, developers have several features behind the paywall. However, the application allows you to customize the layout of the application.

When the application is open, navigate to View> Layout and select Free from the subsequent menu. After that, you can click on the icon in the form of x irrelevant windows. In short, you get enough viewing and sorting modes so you can switch between them to suit your needs. The application’s performance setting allows you to get the most out of your integrated GPU chip. This means that processing and caching will be faster on MacBook Pros.

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The free version of Phiewer allows you to view one image at a time. When you open a photo, it shows the main image with a collection of thumbnails on the left. Although he is one of the fastest image viewers to open a photo, Phiewer shows the thumbnails on the left with an option to start a slide show directly. However, the blur effect of offering a backdrop can steal your attention a little.

Phiewer stands out for displaying the basic details about a photo differently in its interface. In addition to photos, it also supports a variety of media formats. This will become clear as soon as you synchronize your media folders with the application. You can enjoy the bouquet of ready-made options, like different effects, to try on the photos. You can pay for the Pro version to unlock alignment, cut controls, apply filters, adjust granular aspects and more.

You can call it a simpler version of XnView MP and use it accordingly.

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Lyn is like a suitable replacement for the Photos app with the built-in Image Viewer features. The Lyn app interface is very familiar so you don’t feel out of place. When you initially start it, you will notice the basic adjustment options at the top – they will remind you of the View.

In addition to viewing options, you can also link to other cloud-based services, such as Flickr, Facebook, Dropbox and more. I-shaped button it is the panel of hidden information that will present details of the image, from the resolution to the measurement mode. If you check the clicked photos using your digital camera, DSLR or Mirrorless, Lyn is a suitable image viewer application. Of course, you can always customize the layout from preferences for quick access to frequently used folders.

Lyn supports a variety of image formats and you can quickly share photos with your friends via email, Flickr or even Smugmug. The basic version comes with a 15-day trial, which is decent enough to try it out. Otherwise, you will have to shell out $ 20 as a one-time payment to get rid of the trial period limitation.

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If you are looking for a practical image viewer for all your photos and screenshots, this is the best option. Without pricking words, qView is one of the minimalist photo viewers that looks amazing with the macOS dark theme. qView is also available on Windows, which makes it a perfect cross-platform tool to use to view photos on both platforms. It works best as a practical photo viewer on your Mac. Of course, it doesn’t offer editing or adjustment options.

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