Best Offline Browsers For Windows 10

Best Offline Browsers For Windows 10

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Guide: Best Offline Browsers For Windows 10

An offline browser helps you to surf the web offline, saving you less internet costs. Think of it as a “save now, read later” tool, but with entire websites and all internal layers and links. The content is downloaded and their resources cached, so that you can view the website and the pages later without an internet connection.

This is useful, for example, if you are a research student and may need to conduct on-site experiments without an internet connection, or if you are traveling abroad and have a limited internet connection. You can keep the research documents or travel guides you need and open later via these offline browsers

Here are 10 of the best offline browsers out there. While some are premium software, our focus is on the versions that are available for free. Keep that in mind most of these offline browsers mainly work for Windows although a few work on other platforms as well.

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1. iTrack Website Copier

ITrack Website Copier is the most popular free offline browser. It downloads an entire website recursively to your computer and replicates the online version. You can browse the replicated website as you would browse it online, only the external links will not work without an internet connection.

Unlike PageNest which runs on Windows only, iTrack is portable and runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. ITrack is more ahead than others and follows links from standard JavaScript code and even in applets or Flash files, but it cannot follow complex links or server-side image maps.

It respects the preferences of robots.txt and therefore there are parts of a website that may not be downloaded until the robot exclusion settings are disabled on the web serverIt comes with an advanced download manager that can update and resume downloads

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2. WebAssistant Proxy Offline Browser

WebAssistant Proxy Offline Browser works differently from other offline browsers. It works more like a caching proxy server than an offline browser. It doesn’t download the entire website on request, but it automatically builds a cache of visited pages that can even be shared across multiple machines

WebAssistant Proxy Offline Browser works both online and offline: the online mode loads the uncached pages from the Internet and the offline mode only shows the cached pagesThe cached pages are archived in their original hierarchy and links to cached resources are highlighted in color for quick viewing.

It even highlights the changes in the updated web pages and shows a directory of all the cached pages. WebAssistant Proxy Offline Browser is free for personal use only. It is built on Java and is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix and Solaris

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3. NCollector Studio Lite

NCollector Studio Lite is an easy way to use download entire websites or specific filesIt offers four modes: offline browser, crawler, search, and mirror websiteIn offline browser mode, it downloads websites for offline viewing and translates all internal links to local links.

In crawler mode, it crawls multiple sites for different files such as documents, pictures, videos, music, etc. and download them according to the configured settingsIn search mode, it downloads images using Google and Bing search engines. In mirror website mode, it archives a fully functional snapshot of a particular website without making any changes up a mirror website on a new host or server.

The Lite version is free, but has some limitations, such as a reduced number of maximum levels and pages. It only works on Windows.

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4. WebCopy

WebCopy Copies partial or complete websites on your hard driveYou provide the required URL and it gets the web pages and their resources from its serversIf you want to skip parts of the websites, you can do so with the filters and advanced configuration settings define what and how to to copy the sources.

Unlike iTrack, WebCopy does not have wide support for JavaScript and it does unable to discover the entire website when JavaScript is used dynamically to generate links. It automatically links and reassigns the websites’ stylesheets, images, and other page sources for seamless offline browsing.

It searches the entire website and downloads everything to make a reasonable fax from the specified website. It’s free for both personal and commercial use, but it’s only available for Windows.

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5. PageNest Free offline browser

PageNest Free Offline Browser copies an entire website or the selected pages including the text, images and styles. You just need to provide the required URL and it will download the required resources to your computer’s hard drive. It uses advanced download multi-threading technology to retrieve multiple files together from the internet to speed up the download process

PageNest allows you to enter through the downloaded website or pages nested browser or you can browse them with one of your favorite web browsersIt even sharpens new content added to the online version of the downloaded pages.

It’s completely free for personal use and requires some commercial use fees. It is only available for Windows.

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6. BackStreet Browser

BackStreet Browser is a powerful offline browser with high speed download multi-threading engine such as PageNest. It can quickly download all or part of a website, including HTML, images, Java applets, sound and other resource files. It saves the downloaded websites in their original format and in archives to save storage space.

Backstreet Browser unique zip / unzip facility allows you to save space without compromising usability – any zipped website can be viewed directly in the built-in offline browser. The same can be extracted for viewing in another web browser of your choice.

It duplicates each site’s original directory structure, making it easy to transfer the website to another server. It comes with several others features such as update and resume functions, option to access password protected sites, etc. It is free, even for commercial use, but is only available for Windows.

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7. Web Cheaper

WebRoofer crawls a website and downloads the pages, images and objects for offline viewing. Unlike other offline browsers, it can download the websites on two locationsThe version downloaded as a local directory works like a fully searchable website and can be viewed with any web browser

The second is like one Internet Explorer cache which can be browsed with IE offline mode. The last way to download websites works more like WebAssistant Proxy, but is limited to Internet Explorer. WebR used cheaper multi-threaded download and supports ShockWave Flash – it downloads and repairs SWF movies for local browsing.

With the wizard for creating filters and a set of 12 filters you can easily configure which parts of the website to retrieve for offline useIt even supports proxy and web authentication to access blocked or protected websites. It is free for personal and commercial use, and it is only available for Windows.

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8. WinWSD WebSite Downloader

WinWSD WebSite Downloader comes with a simple interface and saves entire websites or their specified parts for offline browsing. You can browse the downloaded website within the program itself or in a web browserWinWSD WebSite Downloader does not change all internal links to their download location, so you can find it inferior to other offline browsers

However, it does provide 5 convenient download modes: Download the whole site, skip the multimedia files, get images only, download multimedia files only, and grab executables only. It too features additional customizations that allow you specify which files to download

One of his useful ones feature is an option that automatically shuts down the program or your computer after the download is complete and is provided for free, but only works on Windows.

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9. Local Archive Lite website

Local Website Archive Lite is different from other offline browsers. It just cannot save entire websites web pages and documents from the Internet. Saved pages and documents can be opened by the associated applications and can also be opened indexed by desktop search programs

Local Website Archive Lite can be added to Website Watcher download modified web pages automatically. It is compatible with various online tools and popular web browsers. It is also loaded with vigorous search features that helps to find information in locally stored pages or documents.

It is only available for Windows and the Lite version (although it is limited features) is free for personal use.

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10. Getlinks

Getleft is a website grabber that uses downloads entire websites for offline browsing. It changes internal links to relative links so that you can browse the local website in the same way as any other online website. Like iTrack and WebAssistant Proxy, it is available for multiple platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris

However, Getleft is not as powerful as Athrack and only handles HTML – it does not understand embedded Java objects or JavaScript scripts. What it does is bid features Like it resumable downloads, filters, and download customization options option to offer sitemaps before downloading any website etc.

It can even track external links and is free for both personal and commercial use.

What is your favorite offline browser? Do you know of another offline browser? Let us know through the comments section.

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