Best Terminal Emulators for Windows 10 OS

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Guide: Best Terminal Emulators for Windows 10 OS

Long ago, computers focused only on text commands. People typed in those commands and computers executed them. We call those computers “terminals”, which is where the term “terminal emulator” comes from.

The main advantage of terminal emulators over the typical GUI is that it gives you more power over your computer when used correctly. There are also applications that require such programs, but they are rare and mostly related to Microsoft Visual Studio.

Windows has had its own terminal emulator, the Command Prompt, for a long time. However, new terminal emulators are emerging, often surpassing the Command Prompt in capabilities, as the famous “cmd” has not been updated for a long time. Here are some of the terminal emulators for Windows that are widely regarded as the best.

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ZOC Emulator

Although expensive, ZOC is one of the best terminal emulators on the market. It has great support as it works on both Windows and Mac. It is very well organized and helps users who work with many hosts.


Everything in this program can be customized according to your needs, and almost every part of the user interface can be hidden. The user interface is quite modern and can display multiple tabs in the workplace at the same time. A commercial license for ZOC Emulator costs $ 79.99 at the time of writing, but it does have a 30-day free trial.

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ConEmu was created as a companion program for Far Manager, an orthodox file manager for Windows, and is a free open-source terminal emulator. Like ZOC, it has tabs. It is not a shell itself, which means that you cannot use a shell features. However, it is an advanced console window that allows you to run whatever shell you want.

It is highly customizable as you can set your own shortcuts, aesthetics and settings. Most users like to use it as a “Quake-style console”, which means you can hide and unhide it by pressing a single button. button.

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Built on top of ConEmu, Cmder is an emulator that extends it and adds Unix support to Windows. It has a portable and a full version, although users argue that the portable version is not as portable as it appears as only the full version has Unix support. Note that the portable version may also require Visual C ++ Redistributable.


Cmder users are very pleased with the integration of File Explorer and GUI applications, as well as additional benefits such as a Quake-style console and a Monokai color scheme, well known to users of Sublime Text and Visual Studio Code. However, some thought it was slower than ConEmu and noticed some conflicts with Windows shortcuts.

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Terminus is great because it’s an open-source, cross-platform emulator that integrates well with PowerShell, Git BASH, Cmder, WSL, Cygwin, and Clink. It also has an integrated SSH client and split panels.


It is called beautiful because of its themes, color schemes, font settings, etc. Hence, it might be a good choice if you really like aesthetics. Plugins are also his strong point, as a few come standard. Its downsides are its size and speed, as users occasionally complained that it was too big and slow.

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Mintty is another open source emulator with its own interesting perks. It supports emojis, scrolling the mouse wheel, drag and drop, display multiple fonts at the same time, UTF-8 characters and different font styles such as italics and underlined letters.

Mintty is based on PuTTY code and works with Cygwin, MSYS and MSys2, so if you are using any of these, this emulator is highly recommended. Mintty is also part of Git, which anyone who has it will find useful.

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PuTTY is one of the oldest emulators out there. It is open source and works great with network protocols such as SSH, Telnet and rlogin. The ease of use is obvious from the start as it works as soon as you set it up up. It also has documentation, which makes it beginner-friendly.

It has been criticized for being “just an SSH client” and lacks many other options, but if you’re looking for an emulator that supports network protocols, you’ve come to the right place. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support tabs and global settings, which means you can’t make a single change for all connections.

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Making a choice

Which one should you ultimately choose? If budget isn’t an issue then go with ZOC, but you can also try it out for free first. Otherwise, Cmder is the most popular these days, but ConEmu may work faster for you. Terminus has a lot of aesthetic settings, while Mintty and PuTTY work with specific environments, making them excellent choices if you happen to use those.

I hope you found this list helpful. Either way, let us know and of course your new favorite terminal emulator.

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