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Guide: Best Visual Studio Code Extensions for Developers

Although Microsoft released the first stable version of Visual Studio Code, the powerful code editor, just a few months ago, in January, it already has many extensions available that can take the coding experience to the next level. The official Visual Studio Code extensions are hosted in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace, many of which can be of great help to web developers.

For this post, I tested some VS Code extensions related to front-end development, and listed the ones I liked the most intuitive, user-friendly and handyIt’s not an ultimate list for everyone. Take the time to browse the market for yourself and see what else it has to offer you, especially as there are many great extensions to come.

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How to Install VS Code extensions

Installing an extension is pretty easy in Visual Studio Code, as you can do it in the code editorIn the US Code Marketplace, each extension has its own page, and you will find the command to install the given extension at the top of this page.

The command always starts with the ext install term. To install an extension, you just need Press CTRL + P in VS Code to launch the Quick Open panel copy and paste this command in it, and finally restart the code editor for the new extension to work.

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8 powerful Visual Studio Code extensions

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    HTML fragments

    If you often want to write HTML in Visual Studio Code, the HTML Snippets extension can be a useful tool adds extensive support for HTMLWhile VS Code provides basic support for HTML, such as syntax colorsthe HTML Snippets extension knows a lot more.

    Probably the most useful feature of this extension that is when you start typing the name of an HTML tag (without the start angle), HTML snippets quickly displays a list of the available options with a brief information about each.

    HTML Fragments Anchor Tag

    When you click on the desired element, HTML Snippets adds the full HTML5 tag with the most common properties. For example, if you want to add a link (anchor tag) to your document, just type a a in VS code, choose the appropriate option from the popup window and HTML snippets will add the necessary snippet in your editor without any effort.

    The author of this extension also pays attention to removing obsolete elements, so if you want to use an HTML tag that you can’t find in the pop-up list, it’s worth checking if it’s still valid or not.

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    HTML CSS Class Completion

    HTML CSS Class Completion can be a useful extension if you need to use a lot of them CSS classes in your project. It often happens to us developers that we are not quite sure in the exact name of a classbut it just sits in mind as passive knowledge.

    This smart extension provides a solution to this problem, such as the gets the names of all CSS classes in the current workspace and displays a list about them.

    HTML CSS Class Completion

    Let’s say you want to create a site with Zurb Foundation and you want to use the small grid. You don’t remember exactly what the classes are called, but you know they have semantic names.

    With HTML CSS Class Completion, all you have to do is type the word small, and the options available will instantly appear on your screen, so you can easily select the one you need.

    Example of HTML CSS class completion

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    View in browser

    View in Browser is a simple yet powerful extension for Visual Studio Code. It can facilitate front-end development by allowing you quickly view the result of your work in the browser while codingYou can open your HTML file directly from VS Code in your default browser by pressing the keyboard shortcut CTRL + F1.

    Note that View in Browser only supports HTML, so if you want to see your site, you need to open the HTML file. YOU cannot open the browser directly from a CSS or JavaScript file.

    View in browser

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    Debugger for Chrome

    Debugger for Chrome was built by Microsoft itself and is currently the 4th most downloaded Visual Studio Code extension.

    Debugger for Chrome allows debug JavaScript in Google Chrome without leaving the code editorThis means that you don’t have to work with the transpiled JavaScript that the browser sees, but you can run the debugging directly from the original source filesWatch this demo to see how it works.

    Debugger for Chrome

    The extension has all feature needs a decent debugger like set breakpoint, variable viewing, steps, a handy debug console, and many others (see the feature list of the first release).

    To use this extension, you must start Chrome with remote debugging enabled, And set up a correct launch.json file. The latter may take a while, but you can find detailed instructions on GitHub at how to do it well.

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    Visual Studio Code’s JSHint extension integrates the popular JSHint JavaScript linter directly into the code editor, allowing you to be informed of your mistakes as soon as you commit themBy default, the JSHint extension uses the default options of the linter which you can modify using a configuration file.


    Using this extension is quite easy as JSHint marks the errors with red and the notifications with a green underline. If you want more information about the problems, hover the mouse pointer over the underlined parts and JSHint will immediately float a label describing the problem.

    JSHint example

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    jQuery code snippets

    jQuery code snippets can speed up tremendously up front-end development in Visual Studio Code as it allows you to write jQuery quickly without basic syntax errors. jQuery code snippets currently has approx 130 available fragments you can appeal by typing the correct trigger.

    jQuery fragments

    All but one jQuery snippets start with the jq prefix. The only exception is the func trigger that inserts an anonymous function in the editor

    This handy extension is a useful tool if you are unsure of the correct syntax and want to take the time to check the documentation. It also makes it easy to quickly scroll through the available options.

    JSHint example

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    The Bower VS Code extension can make your web development workflow more intuitive by integrating the Bower package manager into Visual Studio Code.

    By using this extension, you will have does not have to switch back and forth between the terminal and the editor, but you can easily perform your package management tasks directly from Visual Studio Code.


    The Bower extension walks you through creating your project’s bower.json file and you can also install, uninstall, search, update packages, manage cache and perform many other tasks with it (see full feature list).

    You can access Bower-related commands by launching the Command Palette by pressing F1, typing “Bower” in the entry bar, clicking the “Bower” option in the drop-down list that appears and choosing the appropriate Bower command.

    Bower Example

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    Git history

    Git History allows for track changes to a Git project in Visual Studio CodeThis extension is especially useful if you want to contribute to a larger Github project, and need a way to quickly view the changes that other developers have made

    With the Git History extension installed, you can view the history of a complete file, or a particular line inside of it. You can also compare previous versions of the same file.

    Git history

    You can access the commands related to Git History if you type the word “Git” in the Command Palette (F1), choose “Git” from the drop-down list, and finally select the command you need. note that you have to open the file whose history you want to see before you can perform any actions on it.

    Git History Example

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