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Guide: Best Web­sites for Making Free Smart­phone Mockups

Digital mockups are a great way to showcase your work such as a new app idea, new logo, or new innovative UI design. But creating one is not an easy task and usually requires knowledge of tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

Learning these two is a challenge in itself, and no one has the time to show their app idea to someone on the back of a paper napkin. Online mockup creators are the tools that make this process so easy in a few clicks.

Post the paid is one of the popular online mockup generators that offers an unlimited plan for $ 29 / month.

But if you do a Google search, most of the services you find will be paid. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best websites, which we also often use, to create beautiful mockups for free.

Note: While none of these sites display intrusive ads, disabling your ad blockers is recommended as some web elements may not load completely, which can lead to usability issues.

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Our first choice, Smartmockups, features a huge collection of mockups for different media, such as digital and print. You can visualize your idea on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, mugs, cups, stationery and even t-shirts.

SmartMockups 1

Sign up is required to use the service, and the free account has some limits, such as customizing it final mockup. It provides basic tools such as Align, Crop, Rotate, and Flip to change the uploaded image, but it doesn’t provide Glare settings. Another nice one feature is that you it final high resolution mockups with a free account.

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The second website on the list doesn’t have as large a collection as the one at Smartmockups, but they do specialize in one category. All mockups at MockUPhone have a solid white or colored background.

Mockuphone 2

It allows uploading of local images, but does not provide editing options such as cropping or rotating. So, make sure to upload your images after the necessary edits. The site caters mainly for Apple products and their Android device list is not up so far with the latest smartphones. Both the portrait and landscape orientation of the mockups once generated will be sent to your email (yes, you must provide one) as it does not provide an instant download.

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Mockuper mainly offers gadget mockups with a few other items like business cards and some clothing. It features more than 637 community mockups with links to the original creator.

Mockuper 3

Mockuper is also one of my favorites as it offers several options to edit uploaded images and you can download final mockups in different resolutions. Source images can be uploaded locally or from a URL. After uploading, you can crop, align, mirror, zoom and even choose how to simulate a glare (reflection) on the screen. The site’s user interface is also very easy to understand and use.

Tip Click All Models button on the top bar of the page to see all 637 models.

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MagicMockups is a very simple mockup generator and it has a limited collection of devices, mostly iPhones. All other devices such as laptops and desktop PCs are from the Apple product family.

Magic Mockups 4

But its strength lies in converting the beautifully crafted stock photos into mockups. You can only upload images locally and the site offers no editing options. You will notice that the background of the mockups is mainly wooden table tops and dark surfaces. Finally, this site does not put any restriction on the resolutions while downloading it final mockups.

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Before you start imagining your mockups on LeBron James jersey, let me tell you that Dunnnk has nothing to do with basketball. It’s another simple mockup generator that mainly offers gadget mockups.

Dunnnk 5

Majority of their mockups are POV style with devices in hand. However, the list of Android devices is not up to date. Dunnnk only supports local upload and does not provide image editing tools. Also the final mockups can be downloaded in one fixed resolution only.

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MockUpsJar, like the first on the list (SmartMockups), has an extensive collection of mockups and follows the Freemium model. They offer both free and paid plans. On MockUpsJar, selected mockups are free, and the final downloads are watermarked, but it is a good idea not to make them unusable.

Mockups jar 6

Images can only be uploaded locally and after uploading they can be cropped, zoomed in and rotated as needed. The final mockups can be downloaded in up up to 2K resolution. Finally, registration is required to download one of the mockups.

back to menu ↑ is quite different from the others on the list. It is more of a wireframe and prototyping mockup tool for smartphone apps to visualize how the app’s UI and UI will look and behave. As such, there are none phones placed in beautiful backgrounds, so you just get a base phone framework.

Mockup Io 7

Collaboration abounds features for teams to work together. With this tool you can upload some design sketches from your app and link them all to show how the navigation and interaction work in reality. This tool is the best for those who want to show a dynamic mockup of their work.

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As one of the simpler websites on the list, doesn’t mess with logins, image edits, or emails. Simply select a mockup, upload your image and click download buttonThat’s as simple as it gets. The designs are also one of the better ones compared to others on the list.

Mockdrop Io 8

The mockups are from the community, as with most of the others on the list, with the original creator’s link on each mockup. The final mockups can be downloaded in high resolutions and the collection is, as usual, in favor of the Apple devices.

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Threed is the second offbeat mockup creator on this list after the site. Threed is a 3D mockup generator, where you get a single iPhone-like 3D model of a smartphone.

Threed Io 9

You can drag, rotate, zoom and the camera select angles, screen glare and a host of other things to get a better idea of ​​how your designs will look on a real device. The generator is smooth and easy to understand.

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10. Mockup photos

Last on our list is, a freemium site that also offers freebies in the form of select mockups. There are about 380 free mockups, including a mix of smartphones, tablets, laptops, photo frames and more.

Mockup photos 10

The site allows you to upload images locally or from a URL. There are no image editing options for the uploaded images and the final mockup can be downloaded in just some high resolution. Upgrading to their paid plan gives you access to over 900 mockups and a few others features to.

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The supported devices

For your convenience, I’ve created a handy comparison chart below to help you understand which website supports which type of devices.

SmartMockups is the only service that supports all types of digital devices as well as the printing medium.

Device list online models

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Things to keep in mind

After checking the list above, you must have realized that creating a mockup is just a matter of a few clicks. Still, there are a few things to consider if you want a mockup that’s better than just good. The first is the resolution of the image you are uploading. All mockups usually show required / supported resolution, and it is better to stick to suggested resolution and aspect ratio to get the best results.

Stick to the resolution

Second, there is the contrast and the color matching. Choose a mockup with a background that won’t clash with your image’s prominent color scheme. This mockup image will help you visualize that.

Clash Of Colors MockupNote: If you want to learn more about Color Matching, this guide from Lifehacker.

If the image you are uploading is not a high resolution, you should not be allowed a very high resolution version of it final mockup because it won’t accentuate your work.

Finally, since all of these sites offer their services for free without showing intrusive ads, consider donating or, in the case of freemium sites, subscribe for just a month to help them out. If you come across other such cool sites for creating mockups, share them with us in the comments.

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Tutorial summary of Best Web­sites for Making Free Smart­phone Mockups

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So in this guide, we discuss the Best Web­sites for Making Free Smart­phone Mockups, which undoubtedly helps you.

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What are the supported Device?

PC Laptop or Desktop

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