Best Writing Tips For Blogging

Best Writing Tips For Blogging

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Guide: Best Writing Tips For Blogging

There are many ways you can create your blog, and the great thing about the process is that you get to be as creative and original as you want. You can follow the guidelines and rules of others, but nothing will stop you from trying and working on something new.

Just because other blog posts are 500 words doesn’t mean you can’t make one that’s 2000 wordsJust because other blogs have one photo doesn’t mean you can’t add 12 photos and turn the blog into a comic book style.

Your freedom from restrictions is what makes blogging so much fun. Here are a few tips for blogging, but they aren’t rules (and even if they were, you still would break them at your discretion

1. Keep your paragraphs short and sweet

Writing long articles will bore your readers, and they will leave to read more easily.

Unless your blog provides valuable information that the reader gets lost without, you’re unlikely to impress them with long paragraphs.

2. Are you switching from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd perspective?

This is a common mistake because you have to pay close attention when you do it.

Are you going from writing “I” to “we” to “one”? It’s hard to spot, so you need to check each paragraph individually from which perspective it comes.

3. Don’t make stupid spelling mistakes

To avoid mistakes it is best to nip it in the bud à ¢  ?? A ?? during the writing phase. Be sensitive to misspellings such as there and their, it is and it, the form and of.

You won’t lose many readers every now and then, but making the same mistakes repeatedly will annoy people.

4. Don’t use txt talk

Txt talk is the language used by people mobile phones, which saves space and makes writing easier and faster. It has its place and its uses mobile phones, but not on a blog. It makes your blog more difficult to read.

The people who read your blog have been reading from childhood to the point where they can view the text and know what it means without having to physically read it. However, txt talk requires thought to interpret it, so don’t use it.

5. Proofread your blog post four days later

If you’ve just written a blog post, you can’t take a cold and clinical look at it. The text is still fresh in your mind, and you will have more trouble reading your text without reading too short.

If you look at it a few days later, you have to reread each line and choose up more mistakes you missed the first time.

6. Read line by line

This may seem like an exaggeration for a blog post as it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Nevertheless, you will find a marked improvement in the flow of your writing and the overall quality if you consciously focus on one line at a time when proofreading.

You may also want to find an inexpensive online proofreader to check your errors.

7. Check for discrepancies

Don’t forget to check the message / content of your blog post. Some people contradict themselves in various small or blatant ways and are completely unaware of it because they proofread their text without noticing the theme or content.

Do you say you were not present, but then describe part of the event in the first person? Do you claim that you were upset by the incident and at the same time mention how much you laughed about it?

8. Write about things you are passionate about

A good blogger should remember to start with the content first. What does that mean? You must have something to say before any other part of the writing can begin.

Write about something you are passionate about. If you like sports, write about sports. If you have a passion for technology and apps, write about it. Write about what you love.

9. Break apart your text when proofreading it

Cut your text into relevant sections and then sample each section individually. Proofreading an entire document can be daunting, and you will become less diligent and more forgiving towards the middle or end.

You can avoid this by proofreading in sections. Make sure a section is perfect before starting a new section.

10. Run a spelling and grammar check

If you work with Microsoft Word, take advantage of the spell checker. There are a few spelling and grammar checks online, but if you’re already proficient in spelling and grammar, the paid ones won’t help.

The most accessible spell checker you will find is in your mailbox. Many email services have a spell checker in their “Compose Message” feature.

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