Cancel CBS All Access Account: Tips

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Guide: Cancel CBS All Access Account: Tips

More and more people are cutting the cord and canceling their subscriptions to expensive cable TV packages. This is the day and era when we avoid cruising multiple channels all day long, looking for something to watch. Instead, this is the age of binge watching. Consumers are increasingly switching to a pick-and-choose model where they subscribe to channels one at a time or in small bundles, so they can get exactly what they want, on demand, without paying for a lot of content they don’t have ‘ t interested in. One of those channels is CBS All Access, a premium version of the venerable television network.

CBS All Access makes certain content available online only and only to CBS All Access subscribers. CBS All Access thus competes with other streaming services such as Netflix, HBO, Hulu and various others. If you’re a Star Trek fan, All Access is a big draw, with shows like Star Trek: Discovery, Picard, Short Treks, and After Trek. There’s also a slew of comedies, dramas, and late night options, as well as NFL and NBA games. While it’s true that you can access all the regular CBS shows through Hulu, the offering doesn’t cover everything, so if you want to keep it up to date about CBS programming, you have to do it through CBS All Access.

For what you receive, CBS All Access is relatively affordable. The ad-free version of the service costs $ 9.99 per month and includes downloads and offline viewing, while you can get an ad-supported version for $ 5.99 per month. Subscribers can enjoy a one-week free trial to determine what level of service they require. In exchange for your money, you get to watch CBS programming (including their regular non-All Access rate) on two different devices at the same time, and All Access supports Roku, Apple TV, Xbox One, Chromecast, and most other streaming devices. You can also use the CBS app to watch their shows mobile device or tablet.

There are plenty of benefits to subscribing to CBS All Access, but as with all good things, you may be ready to cancel your services. You may have seen all the shows in your favorite series. Maybe the budget has become a bit tight and you have to cut back where you can. Whatever your reason for canceling, we’ve got the directions you need! In this article I’ll show you how to cancel your CBS All Access account. Fortunately, as with other streaming services, there is no contract on your All Access subscription, so you can cancel (or re-subscribe) at any time without consequences other than losing access to their content.

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Cancel your CBS All Access subscription

The details of how you cancel your subscriptions depend on where you initially signed up for the subscription. If you have taken out your CBS All Access subscription directly with the company, all account administration takes place on the CBS website. You can cancel, renew or change your CBS All Access account from there.

  1. Log in to your CBS All Access account.
  2. On the My Account page, find Cancel My Subscription.
  3. Click on the button and confirm your decision.
  4. Confirm it again on the cancellation policy page.
  5. Tell CBS why you are canceling and confirm again.

The usual rules apply. Since you pay in advance for CBS All Access, once you cancel, you will retain access to your content until the already paid period ends, so you don’t have to wait for an extension period to cancel. Simply cancel and then watch your content until the subscription ends. Once your subscription has expired, you will need to subscribe again to gain access.

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Cancel your CBS All Access subscription through iTunes

If you have subscribed to CBS All Access through iTunes, you must manage the subscription through iTunes. Subscribing to content channels through iTunes will keep all your payments and credit cards in one place, but it means you will have to cancel every single service through iTunes rather than directly with the content providers.

On a Mac:

  1. Log into iTunes with your Apple ID.
  2. Select Account and view my account.
  3. Enter your password and select View account.
  4. Select Settings and manage next to Subscriptions.
  5. Select CBS All Access and then Cancel subscription.

On an iPhone or iPad:

  1. Select Settings and iTunes & App Store.
  2. Log in with your Apple ID.
  3. Select Subscriptions and then CBS All Access.
  4. Select Cancel subscription.

The same rules apply here as if you cancel immediately at CBS; you can still access your premium content until the billing period ends. You will then need to subscribe again to access the content, if you decide you want to.

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Cancel your CBS All Access subscription through Roku

If you are a Roku user you may have set up your subscription through the Roku Channel Store or website. You probably saw this coming, but if you set up the subscription up there, then you must cancel it there as well. Fortunately, canceling is just as easy there as any of these other methods.

  1. Navigate from it Home screen to the Channel Store on your Roku device.
  2. Select CBS All Access from the channel list and select Manage subscription.
  3. Select Cancel subscription. You will receive a message stating how much time you have left in your subscription.
  4. Confirm your decision by selecting Cancel subscription again.
  5. Click Done.

You can also cancel channel subscriptions from the Roku website if you prefer to do so instead of just using your Roku device.

CBS All Access and other streaming platforms are great for binge watching a series or watching NFL, but no contract and easy choice up and management, you can use these services whenever you want.

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Cancel a CBS All Access subscription the “old-fashioned” way

When all else fails, you can cancel your CBS All Access subscription the old-fashioned way – by having someone on the phone and harass them until they cancel your subscription for you. The number for CBS subscription services is (888) 274-5343, but keep in mind that many people say they have to wait a long time to reach an operator. Please have information such as your account number or email address and credit card ready so you can confirm the information on the go. Keep in mind that this method may not work if you purchased your subscription through iTunes, Roku, or another third-party provider.

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Continue to use CBS All Access… for free?

If the only reason you’re canceling your CBS All Access account is for cost, and if you subscribe to a cable service or premium Internet TV service, you may be entitled to free access to CBS All Access programming. A host of cable providers give you access to CBS All Access live programming (not streamed content, though) at no additional cost. If you are subscribed to one of:

  • Dish
  • Frontier Communications
  • Hulu
  • Optimal
  • Spectrum
  • Verizon
  • Mediacom
  • PlayStation Vue
  • Suddenlink
  • YouTube TV
  • TDS
  • Service electric cabin lift
  • Fubo
  • BendBroadBand

then CBS All Access live programming can be included in that subscription. We always recommend doing a double check before doing anything rushed, but if so, you can go ahead and cancel your paid subscription to CBS All Access. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your CBS All Access account.
  2. Select the page “Link your provider” or follow this link.
  3. Enter your provider information.

And now you should be able to access CBS All Access live content whenever you want, at no extra cost.

Have you had problems canceling your CBS All Access subscription? Let us know in the comments!

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