Changing Net­flix Play­back Speed: Guide

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Guide: Changing Net­flix Play­back Speed: Guide

Netflix continues to surprise me with not only the new shows and movies they keep adding to their catalog, but also the number of ways you can customize your binge-watch experience.

Image credit: Marit & Toomas Hinnos For the longest time, Netflix has been the source to spend a good weekend home and chill out with friends. Therefore, a number of tools and services have been developed around it to improve the user experience.

One of them is the ability to control the playback speed. A few days ago, watching Sacred Games, I felt the need to go through certain scenes faster. Like when you start watching the same episode and can’t wait to get to where you left off?

But how fast is not too fast? Let’s do some math.

At 1.2x speed, you can complete an hour episode of Sherlock in 50 minutes. How? Just divide the length of the episode by the speed at which you are going to watch it.

Episode Length / Playback Speed ​​= New Episode Length

You can also use the quick look technique to save some precious time. If a series contains 10 episodes, you save an hour! That’s okay and at 1.2x speed you don’t notice the difference after a few episodes.

Now that I’ve convinced you with this new way to binge on Netflix, let’s take a look at some Chrome extensions that allow you to change the playback speed.

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1. Video speed controller

First on the list is Video Speed ​​Controller. Install the extension like any other in your Chrome browser. A new glossy red icon is added. Open Netflix and play your favorite episode.

Change the Netflix playback speed 8

You will see a number at the top left of your screen. By default, 1.00 is the video playback speed. When you hover over it, additional options are displayed. The plus and minus buttons increases and decreases Netflix playback speed by 0.1 with every click.

Change the Netflix playback speed 1

You can hide the video playback controller option by pressing V on your keyboard. Press it again to bring back the playback speed slider. You can also use shortcuts to rewind (Z) and fast forward (X) or rewind (R).

Other options include the ability to set the rewind and fast forward time, set the preferred speed and change the speed at which the playback speed increases or decreases each time you press the plus / minus icon.

Note that the extension claims to work on any video streaming site that plays HTML5 videos, although I’ve only tested it with Netflix.

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2. Super Netflix

Unlike Video Speed ​​Controller, this particular Chrome extension is built specifically for Netflix users. After installing it, you may need to refresh your page before you see the translucent controls at the top of your screen. It offers a ton of options, so let’s get started with it.

Change Netflix playback speed 2

The playback controller option is the second from the left. Click it once to display a scrollable bar that you can drag with your mouse. Minimum playback speed is 0.5 and maximum is 4x. It is easy to use and works like a charm. But that’s not all trick Super Netflix is ​​hiding under his sleeve.

Change the Netflix playback speed 3

You can also skip intros, change the quality of video streaming on-the-fly based on your internet speed, and best of all, blur images and thumbnails to avoid spoilers. You know, when a main character is dead and you accidentally see his face in the thumbnail of the next episode! Yes, those kinds of spoilers.

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3. Video playback speed

This is another free Chrome extension to control Netflix playback speed with a few clicks of one buttonBy clicking on the extension button will reveal a drop-down menu with an annoying rainbow-colored background. The color is constantly changing. More on that later.

Change the Netflix playback speed 4

You can easily change the playback speed here by dragging the bar. If you feel the mouse is hypersensitive, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Playback speed starts at 0x and goes all the way up to 30x. A little too extreme, huh?

Change the Netflix playback speed 5

Now, about that rainbow background. While I’m not sure what the developer was thinking when he added it, he felt like inserting an option to disable it. Click Options at the bottom and uncheck the rainbow background option.

Video Playback Speed ​​works with other video streaming services such as Amazon Prime (tested) and Hulu, but lacks some advanced ones features which we saw in the previous Netflix Chrome extensions.

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4. Playback speed slider

This Netflix playback speed controller was developed by a Portuguese developer, so you may see a message to translate the page into English. You will not have any problems while using it.

Change Netflix playback speed 6

Once the extension is installed, click on it to reveal the playback settings options. There is a ‘+’ and ‘-‘ button which allows you to manipulate the playback speed on Netflix. There are also some preset shortcuts you can use to slow down and increase the playback speed.

Other than this, there are no additional ones features available, but the extension works fine.

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5. Video speed

Last but not least on the list is Video Speed. Reinstall it and click the extension while watching Netflix to bring up playback options. While I could control the movie’s playback speed just fine, I had less control over the numbers.

Change the Netflix playback speed 7

The values ​​are preset and you can select only one of the given options. I can’t choose exactly 1.1x or 1.2x, but have to jump straight to 1.25x which was a bit frustrating as I feel more comfortable with 1.2x. Neither were there any advanced featuresThis one may work if you are just starting to watch videos with a higher playback speed.

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Let the Netflix marathon begin

By increasing the Netflix playback speed, you can watch more episodes and movies in less time. Now you can cram marathons on Netflix to watch more over time. Your friends will be amazed at how quickly you move through the seasons without knowing any better!

The next up: Watch Netflix on your smartphone? Concerned about data usage? Check out our tricks on how to manage data usage and still enjoy Netflix while traveling.

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