Cre­ate What­sApp Invi­ta­tion Cards: Tips and Tutorial

Make wedding invitation Whatsapp Fi

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Guide: Cre­ate What­sApp Invi­ta­tion Cards: Tips and Tutorial

You could think of WhatsApp as a regular chat app. However, WhatsApp isn’t just limited to conversations, you can do so much about it. For example, send a broadcast to notify a group of people, track the location in real time, or send money. Recently, WhatsApp launched a dedicated WhatsApp Business app to help businesses and marketers sell their products and services.

Another thing you can do on WhatsApp or any other messaging app is send invites to people. No, you don’t have to send a boring text message. You can send personalized digital invitation cards. The e-invitation cards are cost effective and save a lot of time.

But how do you make a digital card and send it? Do not worry. In this post, we’ll tell you a few ways to create digital maps. After you create one, you can share them on WhatsApp.

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Use WhatsApp status

You cannot create native invitation cards on WhatsApp. But if you are creative you can use the status feature from WhatsApp to create beautiful invitations.

To do this, open the WhatsApp status screen and use the provided tools such as text, doodle, sticker, etc. to create an invitation card. Take a screenshot, crop it and send it to others without uploading it as your status.


If the native options don’t look good, let’s look at other ways.

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Use apps for creating invitation cards

Gone are the days when the phone was only for calling people. Now you can do everything on your phoneWhether creating a Word document, editing images or painting a photo.

Our phones let’s also make invitation cards. Both the iOS and Android app stores have an extensive collection of apps for creating invitation cards. All you need to do is enter the text for the occasion. Then change the theme and adjust other elements. These apps generate an invitation image. Once you have the invitation, use WhatsApp to share it with others.

Create wedding invitation Whatsapp 2

Create wedding invitation Whatsapp 3

The card making app I like is the Canva app. It is available on both Android and iOS. It also has a web version.

The Canva app offers a user-friendly interface and many design templates. The app provides templates for occasions like birthday, wedding, save the date, etc. It is known for creating social media images as well.

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Make video on PC

If you are familiar with video editing software for PC, you can use your creativity to make video invitation card. Once you’ve taken the video, send it to your phoneThen share it on WhatsApp as a video.

Tip Sharing the video as a regular video will result in loss of quality. We recommend that you share it as a document.

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Format a video Phone

If you don’t have a PC handy or are not familiar with video creation software, you can create one on your own phone to.

You can make a video from a slide show with pictures or your physical card. In the first case, you need to have some good images on hand that are relevant to the occasion. In the latter case, you need to take the photos of the card.

Create wedding invitation Whatsapp 4

Create wedding invitation Whatsapp 5

Once you have the photos, use video editing apps on your phone to create a slideshow in both cases. You can add text and stickers and change music, among other things. If you have an Android phone, try apps like Quik, VideoShow and Viva Video.

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Send a pdf

The South Asian wedding invitations usually have a minimum of two pages. While you can just take photos of the wedding invitation and send them on WhatsApp, viewing a PDF file gives a more realistic feel.

To create a PDF from images, download an image to PDF converter on your device and select the photos. Make sure to rearrange the images according to the pages. On my Android phone, I like to use the Image to PDF converter from DLM Infosoft.

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Create a map from the web app

The last but not the least way to create an invitation is with the help of a web app. One website that caught my attention is This allows you to create sophisticated invitations for any occasion.

All you need to do is select a theme and fill in the event details. Interestingly, it makes a multi-page invitation where you can get things like card, gallery, reminder, etc.

Create wedding invitation Whatsapp 6

Create wedding invitation Whatsapp 7

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Lots of fun!

Now you know it how to create digital invitation cards, you can share them on whatsapp or any other messaging app. If you need to send such invitations to many people at once, you can use the broadcast list feature from WhatsApp.

It differs from WhatsApp Groups in many ways. One of the main differences is that unlike Groups, humans don’t know about other receivers. Each recipient therefore receives the card separately. Now that your invitation is ready, you can relax and focus on other things.

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Tutorial summary of Cre­ate What­sApp Invi­ta­tion Cards: Tips and Tutorial

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So in this guide, we discuss the Cre­ate What­sApp Invi­ta­tion Cards: Tips and Tutorial, which undoubtedly helps you.

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The time to complete the Cre­ate What­sApp Invi­ta­tion Cards: Tips and Tutorial tutorial is 10+ minutes.

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PC Laptop or Desktop

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