Cre­ating Restrict­ed Groups in WhatsApp: Guide

Limited settings for Whats App groups

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Guide: Cre­ating Restrict­ed Groups in WhatsApp: Guide

You may have heard people complain that WhatsApp has gotten out of hand. When they say that, they don’t want to ignore all the good things about WhatsApp (and there are many). What they are really complaining about is WhatsApp Groups.

Up until now, members of WhatsApp groups were free to do anything. They could change the group name and profile picture and even send unlimited (read spam) messages. However, that has changed completely with the new restricted group settings recently introduced.

Now WhatsApp group administrators have more powers and rights than before. They can limit changes to group information or even make the group one-way. This means that only the admin can send messages.

We will go into all the details regarding restricted group settings in this post. At the end you will know what limited groups are and how to make them.

Let’s jump in.

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Limited groups in WhatsApp

A restricted group refers in simple terms to a group where there are certain restrictions on the rights of the members. These new settings help make group chats more reliable (and less annoying).

Whats App Restricted Groups

To avoid spam and unnecessary group messages, WhatsApp has given two new powers to administrators. With these new rights, the admins have more control over the groups. Previously, the administrator only had privileges to add or remove members and to grant someone else administrative privileges. But now the admin can keep a tougher way of keeping an eye on the members.

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How to Enable restricted groups

You do not need to create a new group to restrict it. All existing groups can be limited by changing a few settings.

As mentioned above, the administrators can limit two important things regarding groups. First, the administrator can restrict changes to group information. Second, the administrator can lock groups.

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Limit group information

Previously, because admins didn’t have much control, Tom, Dick and Harry were able to change the group name and profile picture. This wouldn’t be a problem in the case of family and friend groups, but for business or professional groups, this was a headache. Any infamous person would change the information, making it embarrassing for everyone in the group.

Fortunately, admins can now prevent members from changing group information, including group name, photo, and description. Since a group can have multiple administrators, all administrators have the right to change these settings.

Follow these steps to restrict group information settings:

Step 1: Open the WhatsApp group whose privacy settings you want to change.

Step 2: Tap the top bar where the group name is written. You will be taken to the settings page. Here, tap on the Group Settings option.

Limited Whatsapp group settings 1

Limited Whatsapp group settings 2

Step 3: Under Group settings, tap the Edit group info option. A bang-up is displayed and you are asked to choose from All Participants or Admins Only. If you want only the administrators to make changes to the group information, choose Only administrators.

Limited Whatsapp group settings 3

Limited Whatsapp group settings 4

Once you enable the setting, a notification will appear in the group that the administrator has changed the group setting.

Limited Whatsapp group settings 5

Instead of the edit icon, members now see a circled i icon and tapping the icon will generate a pop up say that only the administrator can edit the information of this group.

Limited Whatsapp group settings 6

Limited Whatsapp group settings 7

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Limit group messages

As an alternative to broadcast lists, WhatsApp has introduced the one-way group messaging featureWhen enabled, only the administrators in the group can send messages. The other members cannot reply to the messages in the group, they can only read them. Unlike broadcasts, members of the group can still see each other in the group.

Follow the steps to restrict group messages:

Step 1: Open the group you want to restrict and tap the top bar. Then tap the Group Settings option.

Limited Whatsapp group settings 8

Limited Whatsapp group settings 9

Step 2: Click the Send Messages option. You will be asked to choose who can send messages to the group in a pop-up window.upSelect the correct option and tap Ok.

Limited Whatsapp group settings 10

Limited Whatsapp group settings 11

If you change it to Admins only, a message will appear in chat that the group settings have been changed. The reply or message box in such a group is replaced with the text Only administrators can send messages. Tapping the word admin will show all admins with the option to message them directly. The messages the admin receives will have the group name as a quoted message.

Limited Whatsapp group settings 12

Limited Whatsapp group settings 13

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Get started

So this was how to create and manage a restricted group in WhatsApp. Now use your admin powers to show members who their real boss is.

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