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Guide: CSS Grid Layout Module: Quick Guide

It once was tables, thereafter margins and floats, thereafter flexbox and now grid: CSS always steered towards new and better ways to accomplish the age-old task of coding of web layoutsThe CSS grid layout model can create and update the layout along two axes: horizontally and vertically, affect both width and height of elements.

The grid layout doesn’t depend on the position of elements in the layout, so you can shuffle the placements of elements in layout without changing the layout. In the grid model is a grid container element divided into grid columns and rows (collectively known as grid tracks) by gridlinesNow let’s take a look how to create a sample grid

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Browser support

At the time of writing this article, the CSS Grid Module is only supported by the latest IE browser and Edge. The CSS grid is in experimental phase in the other major browsers you should enable support manually

  • Firefox: Press Shift + F2, enter the following command in the GCLI input bar that appeared at the bottom of the browser: pref set layout.css.grid.enabled true.
  • Chrome: Browse the chrome: // flags URL and enable Experimental Web Platform features

All major browser support is likely come by early / mid 2017

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An example grid

To turn an element into a grid container you can use one of these three display properties

  1. display: grid; – the element is converted into a block grid container
  2. display: inline-grid; – the element is converted to an inline grid container
  3. display: subgrid; – if the element is a grid item, it is converted to a subgrid which ignores the properties of the grid template and grid opening

Just as a table consists of multiple table cells, so is a grid consisting of multiple grid cellsA grid item is assigned to a set of grid cells known collectively as the grid area

We are going to create a grid with five sections (grid areas): top, bottom, left, right and center. The HTML consists of five divs in a container div


In the CSS, the grid-template-areas defines a grid with different grid areasIn its worth, a string represents a grid row and each valid name within a string represents a columnTo create an empty grid cell you need the period (.) sign within a row string.

The grid area names referenced by the grid-area property of the individual grid items.

.grid container {width: 500px; height: 500px; display: grid; grid-template-areas: “top top top” “left center right” “bottom bottom bottom”;}. grid-top {grid-area: top;}. grid-bottom {grid-area: bottom;}. grid-left {grid-area: left;}. grid-right {grid-area: right;}. grid-center {grid-area: center;}

So this code creates a grid with three rows and columnsThe top item covers an area that extends three columns in the first row and spans the bottom item three columns in the last rowEach of the left, center, and right items takes a column in the middle row

Now we have to assign dimensions to these rows and columns. The grid-template-columns and grid-template-rows properties define the size of the raster track (row or column).

.grid container {width: 500px; height: 500px; display: grid; grid-template-areas: “top top top” “left center right” “bottom bottom bottom”; grid-template-columns: 100px auto 100px; grid -template rows: 50px auto 150px;}

This is what our CSS grid looks like now (with some additional styles):

IMAGE: The Grid

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Space between grid items

You can add empty space between columns and rows using grid-column-gap and grid-row-gap, or their long-hand grid-gap property.

.grid container {width: 500px; height: 500px; display: grid; grid-template-areas: “top top top” “left center right” “bottom bottom bottom”; grid-template-columns: 100px auto 100px; grid template rows: 50px auto 150px; grid-gap: 5px 5px;}

Below you can see that the grid-gap property has indeed added gaps between the grid items.

Grid with spaceImage: grid with space between tracks

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Align grid content and items

The justify-content property of the grid container (.grid container) aligns the content of the grid along the line axis (horizontal axis) and the align-content property aligns the content of a grid along the block axis (vertical axis)Both properties can have one of these values: beginning, end, middle, space-in-between, space-around and space-even.

If applicable, the track size (row or column) shrinks to fit the content when aligned. View the screenshots of the grid content tuned to different values Below.

justify-content: start;

Grid with justify content: start

justify-content: end;

Grid with justify content: end

justify-content: center;

Grid with justify content: center

justify-content: space-between;

Grid with justify content: space-between

justify-content: space-around;

Grid with justify content: space-around

justify-content: space-evenly;

Grid with justify content: space-evenly

align-content: start;

Grid with align content: start

align-content: end;

Grid with align content: end

align-content: center;

Grid with alignment content: center

align-content: space-between;

Grid with align content: space-between

align-content: space-around;

Grid with align content: space-around

align-content: space-evenly;

Grid with alignment content: evenly distributed

Both the justify content and the align content properties align the entire content within a grid

To align individual items within their grid areas, use the different pair of alignment properties: justify items and align items. Both can have one of the following values: start, end, center, baseline (align items along the base grid line of the area), and stretch (items fill their entire area).

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