Downside Of Guest Blogging: Discussion

Downside Of Guest Blogging: Discussion

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Guide: Downside Of Guest Blogging: Discussion

I totally understand why Matt Cutts is pissed off about how guest blogging ends à ¢  ?? A ?? a complete pain in the back. The culprit that prompted the response was an unsolicited email offering to pay for a post to display up in his blog, and in return they ask for 2 (spam) backlinks. Smooth, guys. Granted that many multi-author blogs rely on (ok, maybe welcome?) Guest bloggers submitting their insights and advice, there are some things some guest bloggers do that really, really go the wrong way buttonsThe basics are already covered in this post 10 tips to distinguish good guest posts from bad ones, but it’s more fun when you have real accounts to share with everyone.

Let’s just say truth is much stranger than fiction. * (No real names were used in these stories because … I don’t remember any.)

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1. You overlook small but really important things

There are a few things that really get you off to a bad start the moment it changes up in your pitch. If you have an 80% chance of making a good impression, that will be halved almost immediately.

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I can spell?

One thing is misspell things such as your contact name (e.g. mine), site owner name, blog name (if I get a coin for every time people refer to us as Honkiat), your own post title, popular brands like ‘Facebook’ and “Google” Or basically everything in your email pitch.

These are minor issues, but as your situation nears the last straw on the camel’s back, this is what separates those humps.

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Do not reject the reader

Second, you talk to whoever is reading your messageIn the post you use words like “WRONG!”, “That’s a ridiculous way to design a site”, “Are you stupid?”. If you’re not going to say it out loud (for common sense, not shyness), why would you put that in a message that should impress the person (s) reading it?

The last thing anyone should do is get on the wrong side of the Internet. Period.

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2. You are inexplicably rude

Rude guest bloggers exist à ¢  ?? A ?? like kids throwing passes because their parents got their iPhone the wrong color, they shouldn’tYou shouldn’t write and say “here’s my 1,500th essay on woolly mammoths … check it … make sure it gets published.” No. Believe me, when we publish everything we receive in the mail, you don’t want us to publish you.

(Image Source: bloggingwithdani)

After you receive a rejection email, you shouldn’t know what kind of title could get you published. These blogs are not here to make sure you get published

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Be professional about it

But if you submit a really good guest blog, like this one, or this one, or this or this, we’ll get back to you and arrange for the post to be queued for publication.

In addition, each of the contributors of those flagged posts were a pleasure to work withThey were accommodating and patient, very professional and will make any necessary changes to ensure we can assist them in their job up on the website. They “get it” that this is a guest blogging thing the result of an alliance, not a take-it-or-leave-it.

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3. Your pitch was far off

If I could tell you stories about the submissions I received, I would be talking about the time I got submissions on trekking tours in Nepal, why Hitler needs your love, Mumbai hotel bookings, how to coming out of a traffic ticket, an actual business portfolio, how to choose a receptionist, how to buy lingerie online in india, how much it costs to refurbish your office etc but i can’t.

If you go to a technical site and read about it how to if you were to change a car tire, you would also raise an eyebrow. So before posting your post on a blog, think for a moment if it is something you expect to read on the site (from a reader’s POV). If not, don’t submit it.

If you submit it, don’t expect a response, because if you couldn’t be bothered, don’t expect it to bother the blog owner.

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4. You want quick answers

The thing about visiting guests is that the hosts do everything they can to make it comfortable for them à ¢  ?? A ?? that’s called hospitalityEven when you visit your Aunt Ellen, you don’t expect her family to wait for you with your hands and feetThey have lives to live, schools, and jobs to haul in and at least run errands.

The same goes for guest blogging. Most blogs operate on a publishing schedule, so you get “regular” updates every day at the same time. It is organized and efficient. To achieve that, many things happen in the background. Long story short, your guest blog, however important it is to you, is a “guest” in the mixAnd pushy guests can really make the blog owner wonder if it’s worth posting up with their demands.

Everything can still run smoothly on the blog without your submission, so it would be good not to throw a diva attack. If you are really that good some blogs can post up with you but again there is only room for one diva, and if Aunt Ellen can kick you out of her home she becomes the diva.

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5. You do everything except guest blog

The idea behind hosting guest bloggers is to get good content and in return, you, the great author, you become great exposure of your work and what you do (and if you’re lucky, readers can click to view your site or product).

But if you come to ask to exchange links, or to pay the blog to publish your post, or to demand a backlink (don’t ask, demand), that’s It’s hard to expect blog owners to be courteous with your requestsIf you want to throw in money, check out the site’s ad options. Large writing teams who can “write anything you want” may consider setting up their own blog site (as I see it, they already have the writing team so technically they’re half way through).

Guest blogging is a win-win situation for the author and the blog owner. Her a nice formula that works well when all ingredients are present in the right amounts, so let’s not ruin the good.

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6. You try to part with someone’s work for yours

It happens a lot. Like a lot, a lot, a lot. Still, I never thought it could get any lower than mere plagiarism, until a guest blogger signed up an “original” post he got from a site that first ripped the content from our site.

(Image Source: edtechreview)

It’s like being at the car dealer, looking for a new car to replace your stolen car, only to show your (still stolen) car to the seller. I mean come on! That’s so wrong on so many levels.

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Wasted talents

There are those who try to dilute the work by grouping the work of different writers in the same post. Others rotate their articles, change the tenses, every fourth word or the arrangements of the wordsSometimes they do such a good job with it, you can’t really tell unless you have a really good eye, or are really lucky (nature has blessed me with the latter). You wonder a bit why they don’t immediately write an original piece.

All good relationships start with trust and understanding. No blog owner wants to feel cheated or ripped off to accept a fake guest blog. And while we’re on that topic …

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7. You pretend to be someone else

Like any other healthy person, I would like the person I’m going on a blind date with not to turn out to be a serial killer. Ditto with guest bloggers. If you accept guest blogs and the entry comes with a really (almost too) photogenic photo, perform an image search with the photoSome of them may be from a stock photo library.

Also, beware of submissions that come in with two first names. Either their parents were in a real hurry to choose their name, or they themselves were in a hurry to choose two English names that matched their fake identity. It’s common, but that’s not the worst.

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Multiple personalities

The worst case I have ever come across involved an author with “multiple personalities”. I had accepted a submitted post for publication, but upon closer inspection I discovered that the author lifted content straight from the product descriptions.

It doesn’t really matter it happens all the time, so I do what I usually do in these situations and confront the writer, officially rejecting the post.

The author did not respond well to the rejection and demanded that I respect the initial approval and not resort to “a disgraceful reason” for removing the post from publication. Right … it’s a shame mine withdraw from publication his copycat messagebut what is this à ¢  ?? A ?? he signed the email with the name of another contributor (and of the opposite gender).

The guest author had lost sight of who he was thinking, to mess up who was who and effectively helped me develop my allergy to BS submissions from then on.

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Wrap Up

Despite all this, we continue to accept guest submissions because it is a great resource for talented writers who are really here to produce good content. In fact, some of these guest bloggers end up becoming regular contributors. Being a little stricter with message filtering seems like a better strategy than closing the doors completely to guest blogging aka killing the golden goose. And it still works so far.

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