Ever­note vs Sim­plenote: Comparison and Review

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Guide: Ever­note vs Sim­plenote: Comparison and Review

If you ask someone to name a note-taking app, Evernote is among the top picks. Although most people know about it, not everyone is a fan of it. It was one of the best note taking apps out there until they changed their pricing plan.

So what do you use? Of course there are many options such as Google Keep, One Note, Nimbus Note, etc. But what if someone is looking for something else? Here we have Simplenote.

Simplenote could be the Evernote alternative you are looking for. Without further ado, let’s compare them and see how they stack up against each other.

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Design and themes

The home screen of both apps is quite similar. When you open Evernote, you will find the list of notes on it home screen. A search icon at the top and a floating new note button rest at the bottom.

All things are the same for Simplenote too. The only difference is that you tap the new note button in Evernote gives multiple options such as text note, handwriting, reminder, etc. These options are adjustable and you can add / remove them all.

Evernote versus Simplenote 1

Evernote versus Simplenote 2

In both apps, you get the navigation drawer on the left, but there is a huge difference in their content. Evernote houses extra features and settings while in Simplenote you will only find tags. That’s also because, as the name implies, it is a simple app. You don’t feel like it features here.

Evernote versus Simplenote 3

Evernote versus Simplenote 4

If you are a fan of dark mode, we are happy to tell you that both apps support it. And if you prefer dark mode only at night, Simplenote comes with one feature which allows you to specify the time after which it turns on automatically.

What I like about Simplenote is that when you press the back button when editing a note, the app automatically saves it, unlike Evernote, where you have to manually save it.

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Attachments and formatting

Supposing you are in a class and want to record audio notes, you can do that easily with Evernote. You can create different types of notes such as audio, photo, video and even handwritten notes. You can also attach various files to text notes.

Evernote versus Simplenote 5

But is it possible with Simplenote? No, that’s not it. You can only make simple textual notes here. You cannot attach any files.

Furthermore, while Evernote lets you format your text with options like bold, italics, lists, alignments, etc., Simplenote lacks that too. But if it makes you feel better, Simplenote supports Markdown, a syntax used for formatting text.

Evernote versus Simplenote 6

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I like apps that let me organize my notes into folders, which make it easier for me to find notes. Evernote comes with the notebooks feature which is similar to organizing notes in folders. It also supports tags and you can organize notes by tags.

Evernote versus Simplenote 8

Evernote versus Simplenote 9

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Lists and reminders

You will love Evernote if you are a fan of lists in the notes app. It supports bulleted, number, and task lists – you can use them all in one note, too. You don’t need to install a third-party app for this.

The Evernote app would now be incomplete if it doesn’t support reminders. But you will not be disappointed, because you can also make memories with it. Unfortunately, the Simplenote app lacks lists and reminders.

Evernote versus Simplenote 10

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Shortcuts and PIN

Some comments are more important than others. It makes sense to have such notes readily available. Both apps offer different options for this.

In Evernote, you can add your notes to shortcuts accessible from the navigation drawer. You can also create a desktop shortcut for your notes. Simplenote does not offer these two features, but you can pin notes to the top of the note list. Each time you open the app, pinned notes are available first. Pinned notes are identified by a black circle on the right.

Evernote versus Simplenote 11

Evernote versus Simplenote 12

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If you want others to collaborate with you on some notes, you can do that with either app. This feature allows you to view changes in real time, making it easy to create joint notes. Evernote also comes with a built-in work chat feature

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Version history and trash can

While Simplenote might look like a simple app, it’s pretty cool featuresOne of them is version history. Every time you edit a note, the changes are recorded. So, in case you edit it incorrectly, you can always roll back to the previous version. That’s not possible with Evernote in the free version.

Evernote vs Simplenote 13

But both apps support Recycle Bin where they keep the deleted notes for some time so that you can get them back later in case you accidentally deleted them.

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Availability and price

Evernote is available on all platforms. You can use it on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and the web. It also has a Chrome extension.

I’m sure Evernote may have looked like a dream note-taking app. It uses a freemium model where the free account gets 60MB of data every month and is limited to just two devices. In the premium model ($ 7.99 per month) you get extra features that lets you annotate PDFs, digitize maps, view note history, search documents and attachments, and more.

Evernote versus Simplenote 14

When it comes to Simplenote, it is also available on all platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linus and the web. However, unlike Evernote, Simplenote is completely free. You do not have to pay anything for this feature or data.

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Which one should you use?

I use Simplenotes to take quick notes. For example, if I need to memorize something for a short time, I will write it in Simplenote. And in Evernote, I usually keep the long notes or the ones I don’t often need.

Both apps are completely different from each other. While Evernote allows you to create full-fledged documents, Simplenote doesn’t featuresIf you want a powerful note taking app with any feature, Evernote is your go-to app. Simplenote offers a simple, distraction-free note taking session.

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