Fix ‘House­p­a­r­ty Not Work­ing’ Issue

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Guide: Fix ‘House­p­a­r­ty Not Work­ing’ Issue

The video conference apps score high in the work of home solutions and have experienced explosive growth recently. For both casual and professional video calling, such apps are a boon. One of those apps is Houseparty, which not only allows users to talk to each other but also play cool games at the same time. The only problem is that the Houseparty app is not working or even not loading for some users.

The app is available on both iOS and Android, and there is also a web version. Let’s see what we can do to help with the situation so you can get back to joking and playing games via video calls in Houseparty.

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1. Errors on the app / server side

The recent increase in the number of users has caused all kinds of problems. Houseparty recently shared an update saying they were facing ‘some issues’ without giving too specific the reason. I suggest you check their Twitter account for official announcements.

Fix Houseparty not working problem 1

You should also check Downdetector to see if there is a server downtime or some other problem where you live. It’s a handy site that keeps track of the most popular downtime apps and services. See the regional map and graph for more details.

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2. Access and permissions

Is the loading of the Houseparty app good, but still not working properly? One reason could be the lack of proper permissions, such as access to camera, microphone and gallery. Let’s start with the browser. Or go to camera under Settings or copy and paste this into a new tab.

chrome: // settings / content /camera

Fix Houseparty not working problem 2

Check if Houseparty is listed under the block list and if so, delete the listing. Now repeat the same process for the microphone, which you can find on the path below.

chrome: // settings / content / microphone

And do it for notifications too. You can search for the item if the list is too long.

chrome: // settings / content / notifications

Fix Houseparty not working problem 3

Restart the web app. This time, make sure to allow access to the webcam and microphone, among other things, when prompted.

On Android phones, go to Settings> Apps> Manage Apps> House Party and open App Permissions. Make sure it has permission to access contacts, camera, and everything else. Otherwise Houseparty will not work properly.

Fix Houseparty not working problem 4

Fix Houseparty not working problem 5

In the case of an iPhone or iPad, go to Settings> House Party and give the necessary permissions.

Fix Houseparty not working problem 6

Fix Houseparty not working problem 7

Note: Most people have contacts saved on their smartphones. If you haven’t given Houseparty access to contacts there, it won’t show up in the web app (browser) either. Therefore, you may be wondering that even though the web app is working properly why I can’t see my contacts. You cannot do this because you have to sync them from the phone first.

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3. Number of devices

Houseparty says that regardless of whether you have a pretty face or not, you can only party on one device at a time.

Problem with Houseparty not working solved 8

Close all other instances of the Houseparty app under your username and choose a device. Choose your party location. That’s another reason why Houseparty doesn’t work for you.

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4. Old cache, corrupted data

Old cache or corrupt app files can be responsible for Houseparty not working error. Again, I’ll start with the browser.

Problem with House party not working 9

Options and location may vary depending on the browser you are using. Go to Settings and find the Clear browsing data option under Privacy and security. You must delete cookies and cache files. Please note that doing this will log you out of all sites and not just Houseparty. Save everything before proceeding.

Fix Houseparty not working problem 10

Fix Houseparty not working problem 11

Android users open Settings> Manage apps> Apps> House party and tap Clear data at the bottom of the screen. You can delete both data and cache files there. That requires you to log in to the Houseparty app again. After that, check if the app works.

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5. Reinstall

I recommend that you repeat the steps in the point above before uninstalling and reinstalling Houseparty. There are two benefits you will get. One is that you are automatically running the latest version of the app, which should fix all known bugs and errors. The second is that if you don’t delete the cache and other old data files, they can continue to interfere with the way the app works. And you absolutely don’t want that. Always go for a clean install when reinstalling an app, regardless of platform.

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Housewarming party

Houseparty is a new app that debuted sometime last year and was later purchased by Epic Games. So I think you can trust Houseparty with your contacts and webcam access. Still, your privacy is in your hands and you can never be too careful.

Don’t forget to wear your party gear before connecting with friends and family members. And keep washing those hands, especially before you eat, even if you haven’t been outside recently. It’s good practice to follow.

If you are using any other app for video conferencing or to play / connect with friends, share it with us in the comments below.

The next upClick on the link below to see how Houseparty differs from Zoom, the infamous app that recently went viral on the internet.

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