Google Lens vs Pin­ter­est Lens: Comparison and Review

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Guide: Google Lens vs Pin­ter­est Lens: Comparison and Review

Machine learning and artificial intelligence make the search more visual and go beyond typing search queries. Today we can do our phone’s camera to an item to find more details about it, along with similar items. No more “I wish I knew where to buy that” because now you can know.

We have two types of image recognition products available: Google Lens and Pinterest Lens. Both perform a visual search, but in different ways. Pinterest Lens can be used to search for images that are visually and aesthetically similar. Google Lens is like a more visual version of Google Search.

So what’s the difference between the two? Which one should you use to search for things around you?

Let’s understand in this post where we compare Google Lens to Pinterest Lens.

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Supported Platforms

Pinterest Lens is only accessible within Pinterest. Available in both Android and iPhone apps, you can also use it on the web for existing Pinterest images.

The Google Lens can be accessed in four ways: in the Google Photos app, Google Assistant, Google Camera, and via a standalone app.

Google Lens vs Pinterest 1

While it is available for Android and iOS devices through the Google Photos app, its interoperability is limited when it comes to Assistant on Android. Aside from being available on OnePlus handsets, the Google Lens is only visible in Assistant on some high-end devices such as Samsung Galaxy Note 8/9, S9 / S9 +, LG V30 and a few more.

While the standalone app is available on Google Play Store, the phone running at least Android 6.0 Marshmallow and only works on selected devices.

Finally, Lens is available in the camera app on Google Pixel handsets. You can also use it on the iPhone via the Google app.

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Ways to use

Pinterest Lens can be used on pins, photos in a gallery and live scenes. Open an image mobile or web and click on the lens icon to find other pins related to that image. For new images, tap it camera icon in the search bar, point it to the object and hit the capture button

Pinterest vs Google Lens 1

Pinterest vs Google Lens 2

Pinterest Lens also works for images on your device. To do so, tap the camera icon in the Pinterest app and click the gallery icon. Select the image and press the capture icon.

Pinterest vs Google Lens 3

Pinterest vs Google Lens 4

Google Lens also works for both old and new photos. In the Google Photos app, you must first take a photo for the live scenes. But since the app also works as a gallery app, Lens can be used with the old images on your phone also.

For new scenes or images, Google Lens can be used from Assistant (Android) and the Google app (iOS).

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Limitations of Search Results

Searching on Pinterest Lens will show results that usually include the images visible on the Pinterest platform. So you see images linked to other websites, but tagged and published on Pinterest. Basically, the search results don’t go beyond the Pinterest platform.

Pinterest vs Google Lens 6

On the contrary, Google Lens search results spread across websites similar to the usual Google search. A typical search result will include the images retrieved from various platforms such as Twitter, BlogSpot, Instagram and even Pinterest.

Pinterest vs Google Lens 5

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What do they identify

The core functionality of Pinterest Lens is to suggest related products or give ideas for the same. To put it plainly, it’s a visual search for similar pins. Now the subject of the similar pins can vary.

For example, if you point the lens at an apple, it will display not only images but also apple recipes. Likewise use for home will offer products such as pillows home decor ideas in addition to similar pillows.

Pinterest vs Google Lens 7

Google Lens, on the other hand, suggests useful and interactive information in addition to showing matching items. For example, it can be used to identify buildings, landmarks, plants, animals, paintings and books.

Along with the names, you will find historical facts about places, opening times, detailed information about animals and plants such as their breeds, species, eating habits, living conditions, habitat, human allergies and similar facts. Lens provides a summary, reviews, related books and other similar information in the case of books.

Pinterest vs Google Lens 8

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Can they recognize barcodes

In introduced Pinterest PINs, which are simply beautiful, appealing QR codes that direct your offline customers directly to your Pinterest page without having to search manually. The users have to point the Pinterest lens at the PIN, which will open the relevant Pinterest page.

Note: Instagram recently introduced a similar one feature called name tags.

Pinterest vs Google Lens 9

Google Lens also recognizes and understands barcodes, but in an ingenious way. In addition to displaying essential information, Lens provides links to product stores and redirects to their websites where available.

Pinterest vs Google Lens 10

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Is the lens interactive

Ever wondered about pointing you camera to a billboard to save the event details? That’s exactly what Google Lens does. Point it at a flyer, billboard, business card and the like to get information such as phone numbers, addresses and calendar entries directly to your phone

Pinterest vs Google Lens 12

You can also use Google Lens to copy and translate text. All you need to do is tap and the words

Pinterest doesn’t offer such a thing features

Pinterest vs Google Lens 11

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Let’s go shopping

Google Lens and Pinterest Lens allow you to buy products when a store integration is available. Pinterest recently launched Shop the look feature for the same purpose. However, the companies must use a tagging tool to add the products as Pins to make them available on Pinterest.

Likewise, Google Lens introduced a Style Match feature which allows you to find clothes you see on the street and buy them online. Of course, the companies that sell that particular clothing must be listed online.

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Find what you see

Obviously, Pinterest Lens and Google Lens are different in a number of ways. Google Lens can be used in your daily life to translate and save phone identifying numbers, landmarks, home decorating, finding outfits, etc. On the other hand, Pinterest Lens works best for discovering recipes, home decor ideas, wedding decor planning, fashion inspiration and more.

Even Microsoft and Samsung have similar visual search products: Bing Visual Search and Bixby Vision.

With Google Lens recognizing more than a billion products and Pinterest Lens performing more than 600 million searches per month, we can safely say that visual search is the future.

Let us know your thoughts on Google and Pinterest Lens in the comments below.

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