Google Meet vs Zoom: Which is better?

Google Meet vs Zoom: Which is better?

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Google Meet vs Zoom: Which is better? – Guide

Using video conferencing software has become even more essential these days with the COVID-19 pandemic, when most businesses have had to go remote overnight. Thanks to virtual meetings, teams can coordinate the entire workflow by defining up a quick meeting at any time. Google Meet and Zoom are direct competitors and are two of the most popular virtual conferencing tools on the market. And while they are very similar in many ways, they also have some key differences that can have a big impact on your video conferencing tool decision. Google Meet is the newly renamed video conferencing app from Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite). You can still hear people talking about the previous names: Google Hangouts Meet or Hangouts Meet.

Despite being part of Google’s business platform, it is possible to purchase this tool separately. Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing tool used primarily for virtual meetings and webinars. This tool also offers chat, conference rooms, phone system and various integrations with third-party tools. When it comes to pure video conferencing features, Zoom has a slight edge over Google Meet, offering a comprehensive range of options at different price points. Zoom’s most expensive plan supports the largest number of participants. But in terms of the overall functionality of the two platforms, there aren’t many major differences between them.

Google Meet vs. Zoom: which is better?

Prices and plans

Google Meet and Zoom are available on various plans with different monthly costs, with some features only available through certain packages.

zoom plans

The basic version of Zoom is available for free, but there are some limitations to this option. Notably, you can only host meetings of up for 100 people and group meetings can only be up to 40 minutes. Pricing for Zoom’s premium plans can get a little tricky if you need more of what the free version has to offer.

From the Pro plan, members receive live transcripts, social media streaming, 1GB of cloud recording and personal meeting IDs. when you step up for Business you get some advanced administrative features features, such as transcript recording, managed domains, and company branding. Enterprise upgrades you to unlimited cloud storage.

You can also add the “Large Meetings” add-on to any paid plan to get support for up for 1,000 participants. Outside of its plans for the workplace, Zoom also has specific solutions aimed at education. Education plans are available for a minimum of 20 hosts and a maximum of 149 hosts. Each host can have unlimited meetings with support for up for 300 participants.

Google Meet plans

When it comes to Google Meet, you also have a few different options to choose from. While a free version of Meet was not originally available, Google now offers free access to a limited version of the service. to unlock more features, you will need to pay for Google Meet as part of a Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) subscription. Workspace comes with a full set of additional Google cloud services including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets and more.

The Business Standard plan adds recording support. Meanwhile, Business Plus adds presence tracking. Finally, the Enterprise plan adds noise cancellation feature and live streaming “on the domain”.

Extra features

Google Meet is limited to 250 participants and 24 hours, but Zoom may support up to 30 hours and has the option to add support for up for 1,000 participants for an additional fee. Most teams won’t need Zoom’s advanced support – but for some companies, this feature can be the deciding factor. When it comes to general features, both Meet and Zoom offer many of the same basic features features, such as call encryption, support for up for 720p HD video and presentation modes that allow screen sharing with other participants.

Google Meet has also made some big improvements in recent months, adding additional options originally only found on Zoom, such as polls, a tiled gallery layout for larger calls, and video filters that let you change your background. Both Zoom and Meet also allow you to split calls into themed rooms.

In May, Google Meet revamped its platform and updated its layout to include a locked dashboard during meetings, the ability to view participants during presentations, the ability to present from other Google Workspace platforms such as Docs and Presentations, and the self-manipulation option. , include -view. More information about these changes can be found here. You can take both video conferencing services even further by hosting a session with a whiteboard. Meet and Zoom participants can also raise their hand when they need to say something in a class or company meeting.


Perhaps one of the most important things to consider is how each platform integrates with other services. In particular, Google Meet allows users to integrate meetings with other teams using Skype for Business and other video conferencing systems based on SIP and H.323 standards. Meet also integrates with additional apps, including other Google services. The service integrates well with Google Calendar, for example. You can also open Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets, enter the meeting code, and share your screen directly from these platforms.

Zoom also offers great integrations – including some Google apps and services. For example, Zoom can be used on Facebook Workplace, Skype for Business, Salesforce, Microsoft Outlook, Google Drive, Google Calendar and more. While Meet might make integrations with Google services a little easier, Zoom still allows for many of those same integrations.

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