Guide to AngularJS: Tips and Tutorial

Guide to AngularJS: Tips and Tutorial

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Guide: Guide to AngularJS: Tips and Tutorial

Every now and then a new tool pops up and just as it suddenly appeared, it seeps into obscurity. But AngularJS is not. While it has been around since its inception by Misko Hevery, AngularJS has received a lot of attention in recent months

People talk about it, developers have integrated it into their works and authors have written books about it and made a lot of money. So, what is AngularJS and why you should jump on itIs it life changing? It is certain! I’ll tell you why.

Note: I highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with JavaScript first before diving deeper into AngularJS. If you are not familiar with MVC and DOM, I recommend that you read more about them before proceeding, otherwise you may be confused with most of the terminologies used in this article.

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What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is not just any JavaScript framework. Of course we have Backbone, Ember and the most popular jQuery, but AngularJS is different in many ways.

Data binding and built for single page applications (SPA)

First is AngularJS a data binding framework built specifically for SPAsThis means that you can easily build an application without using any other libraries as it already has everything you will ever need. It also maintains synchronization for the model and view.

The great thing about building a SPA is that it mimics a desktop experience where the page stays the same everywhere, only changing the views along with the URL – AngularJS handles both the routing and the views. Her faster and smoother in this way. It’s like you just opened a desktop application and have everything you need.

Another thing is that unlike other SPAs, the browser history is actually savedFor example, if you want to click on the back button to go back to the previous view, AngularJS will actually take you back to the previous view. Most SPAs don’t work this way.

Model-View-Controller implementation done right

AngularJS implements MVC in a beautiful way. Most frameworks that use MVC requires you to split your application into modules and then write code that links them together

While the rationale behind this is to make the code more flexible and reusable, it leads to a lot of coding horrors, especially for lazy (or sleepy) developers. AngularJS handles this beautifully by simply requiring that ujSplit your application into different modulesIt then takes care of the rest.


Of course, a one-page application cannot look good without the right animations. As mentioned earlier, AngularJS is one feature-rich framework with all the things you need to build generic applications

As such, it provides an easy way to introduce animation in any view the same way jQuery does.

Here’s a great example of how AngularJS handles animation.

But that’s just the surface of AngularJS. Here’s more of what it can do:

  • Data validation
  • Dependence injection
  • Dealing with custom logic
  • Multi-element guidelines
  • Share data between controllers
  • Improve HTML
  • DOM manipulation using jQlite (built-in)
  • AJAX
  • Routing
  • To test
  • and much more..
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A comparison

Now let’s see how AngularJS works by comparing it to the regular JavaScript and jQuery.

Vanilla JavaScript

Without using a JavaScript library, this is what it looks like when you view the data you enter in real time.

Vanilla JavaScript

Your name is


With jQuery, display the data you enter becomes much easier since most of the back and forth is handled by jQuery. So you have to write less code.


Your name is

AngularJS < / hoofd>

Your name is {{name}}

As shown above, the beauty of AngularJS lies in allowing you to write less code while maintaining the integrity of your applicationThere is little back and forth on the code as most are threading up of modules is done by AngularJS. Another remarkable thing is that you do not need to manipulate the controllers to make changes to the display

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Limitations of AngularJS

AngularJS isn't all sunshine and rainbows. If you are aimed at creating an application that does simple calculations - a calculator, a puzzle game, animations, dynamic shapes and the like - then AngularJS is the framework you are looking for.

However, if you are building a large and intensive application such as a management tool, you may want to deviate from AngularJS because it was not developed for that, or at least use other frameworks in combination.

AngularJS is built for rapid prototypingspecific to generic applications, but there are instances when you can use it to build applications on a larger scale, but that has yet to gain popularity.

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AngularJS Resources

Learn the basics of AngularJS at CodeSchool. It's a free course sponsored by Google. It learns how AngularJS can be used from many different anglesDon't forget to check out AngularJS's YouTube channel, where the developers themselves publish tutorials and news updates.

But if you are there more a kind of documentation developer, you may want to check out the AngularJS API documentation. For those skilled in JavaScript, this documentation should be easy enough to browse.

You don't have to reinvent the wheel either there are many modules you can use and improve on the repository.

If you have the money and are serious about learning AngularJS, I highly recommend checking out with its 7 hours of HD video Class with which you can build a real product.

Are you a redditor? If so, you can use / r / angularjs for it community discussion and support

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AngularJS in action


It's a very nice replacement for JavaScript's monotonous "Alert".

Angular-nvD3 charts

As mentioned before, you can use AngularJS for simple to intermediate calculations. With Angular-nvD3 you can adapt your charts to your needs.

AngularJS Sliding and word search puzzle

This simple puzzle shows how flexible and simple AngularJS is. Don't forget to split it on GitHub too.

2048 Game

Remember this game? It's 2048 and the number is nowhere to be seen because I don't want to get addicted again. The game has been remade with AngularJS. How cool is that?

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AngularJS is a powerful framework that can help developers accelerate web application developmentUsing AngularJS is getting more and more popular as the days go by, and I highly recommend jumping on the trend as there is a dynamic and helpful community waiting for you to join!

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