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Guide: Guide to Ever­note: The Best Way to Take Notes

Our world is full of so much information – in fact, many of us can suffer from information overload. As a result, taking notes has become increasingly important, both to serve as a reminder and to serve as an extension of our mind. I know it really helps my mind to know that I can put all the stuff in my head in there words and notes.

The development of the cloud has brought with it a service that links all of your notes to your account and automatically updates your devices with the latest versions of your notes. It’s called Evernote and is probably the most popular note-taking tool out there.

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What is Evernote?

Evernote is a note taking application. His strength lies in his synchronization – there are apps available for it Windows Mac OS X iOS Android and BlackBerry appliances. These apps sync over the internet to make every new note or edit available on any device. This means you will have constantly updated notes and not be left with old variants or outdated information.

We previously looked at a Chrome extension that integrates Evernote into your web browser. In this post, we will go into details about what the tool is about and how to use it.

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True and How to Access to Evernote

You can access Evernote through the apps I mentioned earlier. You can easily download and install the apps from the home page of the site and then log into your Evernote account and view your notes from there. Conversely, you can also access your notes from the main Evernote website and view your notes from there.

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Evernote for Windows

Evernote for Windows shares the same standard Evernote interface, which is quite intuitive.


The Evernote UI is divided into three sections: in the leftmost section 1 we can see the currently available notebooks. It is useful to divide notes into notebooks in case of different school subjects or different work projects. You can also right-click on a notebook and add it to a stack, that’s a collection of notebooks. In section 2, we see the list of notes in that current notebook. In section 3, we see an example of the note and associated metadata such as tags and source URLs.


However, I like how the little details work: first, editing current notes is much easier with the Windows clientThere is also a popup editor you can activate by double clicking on a note, which is quite handy.

Pop-up edit

Likewise, you can choose to local notebooks on the Windows client which is only stored on your hard drive and not shared with the cloud. This can be useful for secret plans to take over the world, or for other things you just can’t afford to share over the Internet.

Private notebook

You can also choose to export your notes to a different format for easier editing or sharing.

Export note

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How to Share Notes with Evernote

You can choose to share your Evernotes by posting a custom URL in your Facebook or Twitter feed. You can also email this custom URL to your friends and to people who you think would like to read it.


If you want to collaborate with users, you can share specific notebooks with them. However, you need a premium account to allow other people to edit your notebooks, which means you have to cough up $ 5 / month or $ 45 / year. Once you do this, you can allow other premium and free users to edit your work.


It’s easy to share a notebook, simply navigate to the top of your Evernote application and click Shared tab. Then click Manage sharing, and from there select which notebooks you want to share!

Collaborate 2

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Practical applications

Evernote has major implications for work projects and for taking class notes. This means you can sync all of your work online and make changes and adjustments as needed, even when you’re on the go. You can maximize your productivity!

Ever wanted to type up a shopping list? If you have ever lost or added to your list home, you can actually just type up a list on Evernote and have it instantly sync with you phoneThat way, you just need your phone and you don’t have to try to remember which items to buy!

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Evernote Peek and Apps for other devices

The Evernote family is expanding to a lot of other devices. In fact, there is actually a great variant app called Evernote Peek, which helps you study. The premise is to keep the Ipad 2The smart cover hides the answer as you try to explain the meaning of a word or answer a question you have asked for yourself.

Evernote Peek

It’s a great tool for quizzing yourself and now even offers audio tips.

Evernote takes over as a note-taking application. The live sync capabilities are great, and the user interface is simple and natural. If you haven’t tried Evernote yet, you’re missing out! Now look at it. I know I definitely make my notes faster on the computer, and now I never have to worry about ever losing a copy again. Plus, I can remember a version of a note on my BlackBerry!

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Tutorial summary of Guide to Ever­note: The Best Way to Take Notes

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So in this guide, we discuss the Guide to Ever­note: The Best Way to Take Notes, which undoubtedly helps you.

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The time to complete the Guide to Ever­note: The Best Way to Take Notes tutorial is 10+ minutes.

What are the supported Device?

PC Laptop or Desktop

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