Guide: Use Rsync Without Password

Guide: Use Rsync Without Password

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Guide: Use Rsync Without Password – Guide

You may have read about using ssh, SCP and rsync, but they all require a password that is understandable for security reasons. BTW… this is not recommended for a business environment. However, there are times when you need to do this in cron, so you need to do this without intervention. First, use ssh-keygen on the local server to generate public and private keys. Note: When prompted to enter the passphrase, press the Enter key and do not provide any password here.

Let’s say you want to copy between two hosts host_src and host_dest. host_src is the host where you would run the scp, ssh or rsyn command regardless of the file copy direction!

  • On host_src, run this command as the user who runs scp / ssh / rsync $ ssh-keygen -t rsa This will prompt for a passphrase. Just press the Enter key. It will then generate an identification (private key) and a public key. Never share the private key with anyone! ssh-keygen shows where you saved the public key. By default this is ~ / .ssh / Your public key has been saved in /.ssh/
  • Transfer the file to host_dest by ftp, scp, rsync or any other method.
  • On host_dest, log in as the remote user you plan to use when running scp, ssh, or rsync on host_src.
  • Copy the contents of to ~ / .ssh / authorized_keys
  • $ cat >> ~ / .ssh / authorized_keys $ chmod 700 ~ / .ssh / authorized_keysIf this file does not exist then the above command will create it. Be sure to remove permission for other people to read this file. If it’s a public key, why stop others from reading this file? Probably the owner of the key has distributed it to some trusted users ​​and has not put in any additional security measures to verify that it is really a trusted user.

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