How Much Is Your Old iPhone Or Android Phone Worth?

How Much Is Your Old iPhone Or Android Phone Worth?

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How Much Is Your Old iPhone Or Android Phone Worth? – Guide

The Apple iPhone 13 series is hitting stores and going online for orders sooner than you expected. Apple has reaffirmed its focus on India, and the country is in the first wave of 30 countries this year when it comes to pre-orders and availability of the iPhone 13 series. That means you’ll be able to get a new iPhone 13 at the same time as buyers in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, China, Germany and Japan too. Apple has kept prices for the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max consistent with last year’s iPhone 12 series launch prices. The only major attraction of the Apple India Online Store is Apple’s exchange option, which allows you to exchange your products. phones, when buying a new iPhone.

The way Apple Trade In works is that when you buy a new iPhone from the Apple India Online Store, you can choose to trade in an older smartphone for instant credit, which means you pay less than the real price of the new iPhone when checking out. You will be asked for some details about what phone you intend to exchange, and depending on factors such as make, model, and condition, you will be offered an exchange value, which if you accept, will be deducted from your new iPhone billing. When your new iPhone is delivered to your home, a phone that must be exchanged will also be collected – as long as everything is in order. To be fair, this is a good way to reduce the one-time expense you would have to make with your new iPhone, and also get one. final scoop of value from an old smartphone that would probably run out up gathering dust in a drawer or almirah somewhere.

So what is really the value of popular phones can be exchanged by users for a new iPhone? Pricing and valuation are done in two groups – iPhone and other smartphones. Let’s look at the iPhone listing examples first. You will have up for Rs 46,120 for trading on an existing iPhone 12 Pro Max, up for Rs 43225 for an iPhone 12 Pro and up for Rs 25,565 for an iPhone 12 Mini. But you can say these are just now the previous generation phones and expected a good value. Apple Exchange Offers up for Rs 15,685 for an iPhone XR, up for Rs 22,020 for an iPhone XS Max and up at Rs 10,250 for an iPhone 8. These are just examples of the partial list that Apple shares as part of Apple’s current exchange values.

If you have an Android phone to trade, some examples include ratings of up for Rs 19,295 for a OnePlus 8 Pro in exchange,, up for Rs 12,015 for a Samsung Galaxy S20 and up for Rs 13,900 for a now pretty dated Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. As part of the Apple Trade In program, if you are including an exchange for an old phone with the purchase of your new iPhone, Apple will also share guidance with you on how to securely wipe all your data from phone that you are trading. Upon delivery, the logistics team will quickly run a diagnostic test to see if the phone you are exchanging is in working condition as well as the physical condition of the phone and specification details. There is consistency in terms of Apple’s trade-in options for all iPhone models for sale at the Apple India Online Store, with the trade-in value of the old one phone indexed between Rs 9,000 to Rs 46,120, depending on which older iPhone or smartphone you are trading.

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