How Samsung’s 200MP camera sensor make sense

How Samsung’s 200MP camera sensor make sense

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How Samsung’s 200MP camera sensor make sense – Guide

Samsung beats its own record with new 200 MP phone camera sensor. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra features impressive 108 MP camera sensor on the Samsung Isocell HMX, but progress continues. Samsung today unveiled its new Isocell HP1, which has 200 megapixels, making it the first mobile camera sensor to reach this limit. This may sound ridiculous, but there’s more to it than just raw megapixels. The key to the Isocell HP1, as with all these megapixels mobile camera sensors, it’s pixel binning. This process takes a group of pixels from the sensor and blends them to simulate larger pixels. This also results in more manageable file sizes as the stored images would be 12.5 MP or 25 MP.

What is the advertised samsung

Samsung has announced a 200 megapixel image sensor intended for smartphone cameras, from a distance at the highest resolution phone camera sensor already made. The ISOCELL HP1 has 0.64 µm pixels and can store 16 of them at once for the equivalent of a 12.5 megapixel sensor with 2.56 µm pixels.

New technology

Samsung calls HP1’s pixel binning technology “ChameleonCell”. The 12.5 megapixel four-by-four setting is intended for use in low light, but it can also capture photos with a full resolution of 200 megapixels or use a two-by-two binning technique for 50 megapixel images.

Two-by-two binning mode also allows the HP1 to capture 8K video. Samsung says it is capable of recording 8K without cropping, although the standard 8K (7680 x 4,320) is less than 50 megapixels.

new sensor

Samsung is also introducing a new sensor called ISOCELL GN5. It’s a 50 megapixel sensor with 1.0μm pixels, and Samsung claims it’s the first 1.0μm pixel sensor to integrate its Dual Pixel Pro technology. This basically makes it look like a smaller version of the 1.4μm GN2 pixel, which was the biggest phone camera sensor available when it made its debut on Xiaomi’s Mi 11 Ultra this year.

Samsung has not said when the new sensor will go into mass production, but samples are available for phone manufacturers.

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