How the App Store will change

How the App Store will change

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How the App Store will change – Guide

Gonzalez Rogers said Apple should allow app developers to inform users about other ways to pay within their apps, rather than just paying through Apple’s payment system directly.

If the order goes into effect, it could mean that app users will see more payment options and may even see prices drop.

Here are five things to know about deciding

How am I going to buy stuff in apps now?

You can get more options. The judge issued an injunction saying Apple cannot stop developers from directing users to other payment methods within their apps.

Apple’s rules currently prohibit developers from informing customers within their apps about alternative payment options or providing links to external sites where customers can subscribe up for subscriptions or buy digital products and bypass Apple fees. So even if the apps offer another form of payment, users need to have learned this outside of the app and navigate to the other option themselves.

Under the new rules, which have not yet taken effect, app developers will be able to place links within the app to take customers to a webpage to use a different payment system.

In her main ruling, the judge chided Apple for limiting consumer choice.

“While some consumers may want the benefits Apple offers (eg, complete shopping, centralization and easy access to all purchases, greater security due to centralized billing), Apple actively denies choice,” wrote Gonzalez Rogers. “Apple created an innovative platform, but it didn’t publicize its rules to the average consumer.”

Apple charges developers a 30 percent fee on most in-app purchases — sometimes that rate is 15 percent for smaller developers — a cost that can make developers boost up the prices they pass on to users or limit the cut developers receive.

App developers can also choose to offer the ability to shop outside of the App Store when they haven’t done so before.

Will this make my in-app purchases cheaper?

It might be. If developers don’t have to swallow the 30 percent tax on most purchases, they can be encouraged to lower their prices and direct consumers elsewhere to pay.

It can also allow app developers to explore different business models or make some categories of apps profitable when they weren’t before.

Apple may also be encouraged to lower its fees to keep people shopping through its system, said John Bergmayer, general counsel for Public Knowledge, a nonprofit focused on an open Internet.

“If it goes into effect, I think it would be a win for users in terms of giving them more options and more price competition,” he said.

When do changes happen?

The injunction that would allow developers to point out more payment methods takes 90 days, on December 9th. But there is always a chance that further legal challenges will prevent the request from taking effect.

The two companies must appeal parts of the decision. Therefore, we may not know for several weeks or months what the application’s payment options will be.

How will this change the way I download apps to my iPhone?

Will not. You’ll still go to the iOS App Store, search for an app and download it.

That’s a big win for Apple – the judge’s decision did nothing to stop Apple from continuing to operate app downloads the way it did for a long time. Apple maintains tight control over app downloads, prohibiting “side-loading” or downloading apps directly from websites, and also places kibosh in third-party app stores. So if you want an app, you’ll still need to go to your store.

Does this mean Fortnite is returning to the App Store?

Sorry no. At least not yet.

This whole affair started with Apple removing Fortnite from its store after game maker Epic gave iOS users an alternative payment option without Apple’s permission, complete with a discount on purchases.

Apple kicked Fortnite out of its store and Epic sued. The judge ruled on Friday that Epic must pay Apple 30 percent of the money it received from its alternative payment option.

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney suggested in a tweet on Friday that Fortnite wasn’t coming back to the store yet.

“Fortnite will return to the iOS App Store whenever and wherever Epic can offer in-app payment in fair competition to Apple’s in-app payment, passing the savings on to consumers,” he said.

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