How To Add Audio and Video Files on iWork Keynote Pre­sen­ta­tions

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How To Add Audio and Video Files on iWork Keynote Pre­sen­ta­tions – Guide

In previous entries, we’ve covered the basic principles of Keynote (Apple’s own presentation tool) and even shared some interesting news from Keynote tips with you. However, it is never enough when it comes to ways in which you can improve your presentations and make them stand out, right? That’s why this time we’ve covered two important tips to really bring them to life: Add music and videos to your Keynote presentations.

Let’s go ahead and learn how to They do this.

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Add music or any audio file to the Keynote presentation

On the Keynote toolbar in the upper right corner of the screen, click Media button to open the media browser. After doing this, click on the Audio tab to browse all of your music and audio files. You can double-click on any of them to view it.

media Button

Media Browser

After making your choice, on the Keynote toolbar, click on the Inspector button to open the Inspector. There, click on the Document inspector section and then on the Audio tab. You should now have your media browser and Inspector open.

Document Inspector Audio

Now, what you need to do is drag the song or audio file you want in your presentation from the media browser to the soundtrack box in the Inspector panel. This will make this song the soundtrack of your entire presentation.

Main soundtrack

But what if you want a song to play only during a certain segment of your talk or just while a specific slide is being displayed? Well, in this case, you need to drag the song or audio file from the media browser straight to the slide where you want to play and that’s it.

Single Slide Song 1

Single slide music 2

Better yet, if you want, you can also adjust where the song starts and ends and whether it will repeat indefinitely or not. To do this, open the Inspector panel again and click on the QuickTime section, where you can adjust all these options.

Quick time panel

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Adding video to your main presentation

Likewise, using the media browser makes it much easier to add videos to your Keynote presentations.

To do this, open the media browser and select the Movies tab. There, choose from the different fonts available for movie files on your Mac.

Media browser movies

Then, simply drag the video file onto any slide in your presentation. You can even adjust the size and overall position to fit exactly how you want. In addition, as with audio files, you can use the QuickTime section of the Inspector to readjust the length of the video and the type of playback.

Video added

Tip: At any time, while you are creating your Keynote presentation, you can double-click the video file to view it.

And that’s it for this entry. Make sure you apply these tips to your Keynote presentations and you’ll certainly see them not only improve dramatically, but they’ll also stand out from anyone else’s.

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