How to Add Roles to Discord Server

How to Add Roles to Discord Server

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How to Add Roles to Discord Server – Guide

Discord servers are nothing without the users that make them up. But if you are running a large server, you cannot allow all members to have the same permissions and powers. That’s what functions are for. You can assign roles to users on your server to control which channels they can chat on, how they appear in the member list, and more. This is also how you add moderators to your server.

You can add functions in Discord on your computer or phone. Here it is how to does both.

Discordant roles

Now, before assigning roles to users, people, and other users, you’ll need to create them. You can create roles in the discord server settings or you can say the group settings. When you are finished creating the roles, you can assign them to the members as you wish.

You can create and assign roles to disagree with any platform, ie PC or desktop application, mobile application or even web browsers and the steps are also similar, with only some user interface differences. So without further ado, let’s follow the steps you can take to add or create new functions in Discord.

Adding Functions to Discord on PC

  • Open the Discord app or website and log in using your account credentials.
  • After logging into Discord, you will be able to see all the groups you have created or are connected to. Click here on the desired server in the left pane.
  • Once inside the server, click on the down arrow next to the server name.
  • From this menu, select Server Settings.
  • In the left-hand panel you will see several options. From there, select Roles.
  • This will show you all the roles that are on that specific server. To create a new role, click the + icon next to the ROLES heading. It will then create a new role under this heading with the name of new role.

  • Now, to edit the created role as per your choice and set permissions for it, select the new role.
  • Manage Role Discord
  • After selecting it, on its right side you can give the desired name for the function. Here we create @knower so you can know how to customize this. Then you can select the color for that specific function. This will help group members identify their assigned roles among themselves.

  • After that, you must select the permissions you want to assign to the created roles. Here you can select everything a person is allowed to do with the assigned role. Select permission according to your choices.
  • Once you are satisfied with the permissions, you will need to save the changes made for that specific role. As you make changes to the role, there will be a notification asking you to save the changes you made.
  • set role permissions
  • Click Save Changes and your roles are ready to be assigned to group members.
  • To delete any feature in contention, just open that specific feature and scroll down to the bottom of its settings.
  • erase papers in discord

  • There you will see the option to Delete @ function name. Select it and the role will be permanently deleted.
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