How To Add Text To an iMovie Video

How To Add Text To an iMovie Video

Hello guys in this guide, I am gonna tell you about How To Add Text To an iMovie Video. So read this article, step by step so you may understand it in a better way.

Guide: How To Add Text To an iMovie Video

iMovie is a great free app that lets anyone with an Apple phone or Mac to make decent home movies. It comes within Mac OS and uses the same navigation and design as other Apple apps, so it should be instantly recognizable. One of the many things you can do with the app is add subtitles or text to an iMovie video. This tutorial will show you how.

Adding text to movies is an easy process once you have the text. While not always necessary, it is often helpful to prepare the text ahead of time before adding it to your movie. Unless your mind works better when you’re on the scene, you will come up with much better descriptions when you plan and edit ahead of time than when you are about to add the text. However, your mileage may vary, so work the way you work best.

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Add text to an iMovie video

iMovie is no Final Cut Pro, but it does provide the tools for some basic post production. Once you have your video on the device with iMovie, we can get started.

  1. Open iMovie and select File and New Movie.
  2. Select No theme or add a topic if desired.
  3. Select Create to set everything up up.
  4. Name your movie and select OK.
  5. Select Import Media to import your movie into iMovie.
  6. Select the movie and place it on the timeline.
  7. Select the time position where you want to add your text.
  8. Select a Content Library block and select Titles at the top.
  9. Select a text type from the options and double click to add to your timeline.
  10. Double-click the text box and enter the text you want to display.
  11. Use the ‘T’ menu at the top to change text size, color and other options.
  12. Drag the text box to where you want it to first appear and drag the right side to where you want it to disappear on the timeline.

The process is simple enough but as always will take some getting used to. When selecting a title, you can double-click to add it to the timeline or by dragging and dropping. After you enter the text you want to display, you can change the font, font color, font size and a few other things to make the text the way you want it. Not all available fonts work for all screen types, so keep it as clear as possible.

When you’re done, drag the left edge of the text box to the first frame where you want it to appear on the timeline. Drag the right edge of the text box to where you want it to disappear. Test it in the player window and adjust it as you see fit.

You can repeat this as many times as needed in iMovie with the exact same process. When you are done, select File and Export to save your movie.

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Add subtitles to iMovie

iMovie does not work with .srt files so if you want to add subtitles you can use the above method to add them manually. Final Cut Pro works with subtitle files, so if you add a lot, you might be better off using those if you have them. It costs $ 299, so not everyone is going to want to pay that for occasional use.

If you don’t want to add subtitles manually, you can use third-party programs such as Kapwing’s Subtitle Maker or an online app such as Veed. Veed is more suitable for short videos, but works well enough. You can use .srt files with it, merge them into the video, and then do other operations in iMovie. Just because you’re editing in the app doesn’t mean it’s the only app you can use.

You can also use VLC to merge a video and a .srt file. This is more suitable for movies and TV shows, but works well enough. Open your video in VLC and use the Transcoding Options menu to add a .srt file to the video. VLC will merge the two and output a new hard-coded subtitles file. You can open this in iMovie to do your edits afterwards. This page will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

iMovie is a decent movie editing suite built into Mac OS. Adding text to an iMovie video is easy and while you can’t use .srt files, you can add text in other ways. However, you are not limited to using iMovie alone. There are many tools you can use, and not all of them cost nearly three hundred dollars!

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How To Add Text To an iMovie Video: benefits

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Tutorial summary of How To Add Text To an iMovie Video

In this guide, we told you about the How To Add Text To an iMovie Video; please read all steps so that you understand How To Add Text To an iMovie Video in case if you need any assistance from us, then contact us.

How this tutorial helping you?

So in this guide, we discuss the How To Add Text To an iMovie Video, which undoubtedly helps you.

What is actual time in which this method complete?

The time to complete the How To Add Text To an iMovie Video tutorial is 10+ minutes.

What are the supported Device?

Mobile Phones

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Android or iOS

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