How to always show word count in Google Docs

How to always show word count in Google Docs

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How to always show word count in Google Docs – Guide

Google Docs is a web-based application that can be easily accessed through mobile applications and internet browsers. It allows its users to create and edit text documents even without internet connection. Google Docs automatically saves all changes and stores them in the cloud. You can even work on the same document with other users at the same time. A great replacement for expensive Portable Document Format (PDF) editing tools, Google Docs offers many features.

among all others features, the word count feature of Google Docs is very useful for users as it offers the possibility to check the word count of a document. Whether you’re working on a college essay, writing a novel, or even writing a job report, it’s always best to know exactly how many words you are writing on a virtual paper to keep your document at a certain word count. For your information, when you press Ctrl+Shift+C in Google Docs, the word count is displayed on the screen. However, it doesn’t stay as it appears as a pop-up.up window. You must close the window to continue editing your document in Google Docs.

How to always display word count in Google Docs

To always display the word count in Google Docs, follow these steps:

  • Open Google Docs.
  • Go to Tools > Word Count to open the Word Count panel in Google Docs.
  • Check the “Display word count as you type” checkbox.
  • Click OK button button.
  • To learn more about the steps in detail, keep reading. First, you need to open Google Docs and get the word count panel on your screen. There are two ways to do this. First, you can go to Tools and click on the Word Count option. Second, you can press the keyboard shortcut, which is Ctrl+Shift+C. Either way, you will get a pop-up window.up on the screen.

    Now you need to check the Show word count as you type checkbox and click the OK button button to save it. From now on, you can find the word count on the screen all the time. Shows the total number of pages, words, characters and characters without spaces.

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