How to Back Up Everything on Samsung Device

How to Back Up Everything on Samsung Device

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How to Back Up Everything on Samsung Device – Guide

be yours phone stopped working, is damaged, lost, stolen or you are changing devices, you should make sure that all your data is protected and recoverable. Samsung holds 19% of the market share of smartphone manufacturers, surpassed only by Apple. So we know many of you are trying to find out how to Samsung backup phones. Samsung has its own method to support up all your smartphone data quickly. ]

It can store call logs, alarms, calendar, apps, messages, home screen options, settings and more. It covers pretty much everything you need except personal files like photos or music. You need other methods for this. Your backup may contain apps you didn’t install. if yes, your phone will ask if you want to install these apps. Click Install when prompted or click Do not install to bypass this option and restore without installing any applications.

Samsung was in phone for over 30 years and is one of the biggest phone world manufacturers. This generation of smartphones is full of features that make your life easier and more enjoyable. an advantage feature of these phones is that they can be supported up using Samsung Kies or iCloud, which is very convenient (depending on the provider).

How to Back Up Your Samsung Phone by Samsung cloud

First let’s go back up all the things that Samsung Cloud supports. It’s very easy, just follow the instructions below:

  • On your phone go to Settings > Accounts & Backup.
  • Under Samsung Cloud, tap Back up Dice.
  • On the next screen, select all the things you want to go back up turning on the switches.
  • Tap Back up now and wait for the backup to complete. It is recommended not to use your phone during this process.
  • Samsung Cloud lets you go back up the following data:

  • Phone: call and message history
  • Messaging: advanced messaging, multimedia messaging, text messaging
  • Contacts: names, numbers, email addresses, groups, birthdays
  • Calendar: events, tasks, important dates
  • Clock: alarms, saved world clocks, timers
  • Settings: Saved Wi-Fi Networks, Paired Bluetooth Devices, Always On Display Settings, Accessibility Settings, Samsung Keyboard Settings, Ringtones
  • Home screen: wallpaper, layout, Samsung settings
  • Apps: Compatible APK files, app settings and data (Samsung apps only)
  • Voice recorder: saved audio clips
  • How to Back Up Samsung Internet on a Galaxy Phone

    If you use Samsung Internet instead of Google Chrome as your default Android browser, you need to backup it up separately from the app to save all your bookmarks, saved pages, open tabs and quick access shortcuts. Here it is how to do it:

  • Open the Samsung Internet app and tap the hamburger menu on the toolbar.
  • Go to Settings and select Sync with Samsung Cloud, tap Sync Now and wait for the process to complete.
  • How to Back Up Your files and documents to Microsoft OneDrive

    now let’s see how to back up your gallery content (e.g. photos, videos and GIFs) and files (documents, spreadsheets, slides, PDFs, audio files, etc.). You need a Microsoft account to do this. If you don’t have one, create one.

    Remember, the more data you have, the longer it will take to backup everything. up. The Microsoft OneDrive free plan offers a total of 5GB of storage space. If you are someone who takes a lot of high resolution photos and videos, you can also choose a paid plan later on.

    How to Back Up Gallery Content on a Samsung Phone

  • Launch the Samsung Gallery app and tap the hamburger menu.
  • In the menu, go to Settings > Sync to OneDrive and tap Continue.
  • Tap Connect to sign in to your Microsoft account and link it to your Samsung account, then tap Accept.
  • Wait for the accounts to connect and tap Next.
  • You may be asked to choose a subscription plan for OneDrive. Tap the close button and tap Stay Basic on the pop-upup menu.
  • Finally, tap Done when your Microsoft account is set up and connected to your Samsung Cloud.
  • Doing so will take you to the Gallery settings. From there, make sure the Sync to OneDrive option is turned on.
  • To see more options, tap Sync to OneDrive. You will see your photos automatically syncing to OneDrive; if not, tap Sync Now. You can also choose to adjust which albums you want to sync and which to ignore.
  • How to Back Up Files on a Samsung Phone

  • Launch the Samsung My Files app and tap OneDrive under Storage to enter.
  • Sign in to your Microsoft account and tap Yes. Now you can use OneDrive as a storage space for your files. Just copy or move your files from your phone’s internal storage or OneDrive SD card.
  • Tap OneDrive on the main page to see all the files you’ve moved, then tap the three-dot menu and select Sync.
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