How To Backup a Windows 10 Device To Dropbox

How To Backup a Windows 10 Device To Dropbox

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How To Backup a Windows 10 Device To Dropbox – Guide

In this article you will learn how to Easily backup your entire computer to Dropbox. It’s not just about files (which you can just drag to Dropbox) but about backup up your programs, apps, accounts, settings, profiles, customizations, and all files (not just those in your Dropbox folder). Dropbox already serves many users as a makeshift backup solution for some of the most important files.

However, it is by no means a complete backup product. Dropbox only allows you to manually sync a file with other computers and with Dropbox cloud storage. You can’t tell Dropbox to back up all your files, it doesn’t work automatically, and you definitely can’t back up anything other than a file (applications, user profiles, settings, etc.). how to make the most of it.

How to Backup a Windows 10 Device to Dropbox

To define Up to automatically backup Windows 10 folder

  • Launch the Dropbox desktop app on your Windows 10 computer, tap the Dropbox icon in your system tray, click your Dropbox profile and select Preferences.
  • Tap Backups tab, press Set button up button in the This PC section.
  • You can mark the Windows 10 folder to backup such as Documents, Desktop, Downloads. Then press Set up.
  • (Optional) You will be prompted to take the Dropbox Plus free trial if you are using the Dropbox Basic Plan, click Continue with Basic > Yes, continue.
  • Move Windows 10 Folder Location to Dropbox Folder

  • Create a new folder in the Dropbox folder to store all your users’ data. Then create new folders in that new folder, for example create Documents folder if you want to backup Documents folder to Dropbox etc.
  • Enter %HOMEPATH% in the Windows 10 search box or press the Win + R key combination to open the Run dialog, then enter %HOMEPATH% to open your Windows 10 account location.
  • Right-click the Documents folder and select Properties. Then select the Location tab in the window and click Move… button.
  • Then choose a Dropbox location and click OK.
  • Backup your entire Windows 10 computer to Dropbox

    Add Dropbox to CBackup

  • Create a new CBackup account and sign in to the CBackup desktop application.
  • Tap My Storage tab on the left, click + Add Cloud button to choose Dropbox and click Add. Then follow the steps to grant authority to CBackup, which allows you to access your Dropbox files.
  • Then edit the display name, storage path and allocation space, check the option “Note: Do not change the path directly on the 3rd party cloud disk or modify or delete the backup file.” and click OK.
  • Backup your entire Windows 10 computer to Dropbox

  • Select Backup Tasks tab and click + New Task button to create a backup job.
  • Modify the task name and click Add Source to select entire Windows 10 computer files and click Add Destination to choose Dropbox as the destination location.
  • (Optional) Tap Settings at the bottom, check Enable Backup Schedule option on the Schedule Backup tab, choose a time for the backup: daily, weekly, monthly or at a specific time, and click OK.
  • Press the Start Backup button button to backup your entire Windows 10 computer to Dropbox automatically.
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