How to backup Photos or Videos in Google Photos

How to backup Photos or Videos in Google Photos

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How to backup Photos or Videos in Google Photos – Guide

Google Photos is the only photo app that we consider essential for any mobile device. If you already lost all your media files when your phone died or disappeared, you will understand why. While it only has minimal editing tools, Google Photos organizes your photos and videos, offers easy sharing, and most importantly, automatic backups. up your entire image library to the cloud. From there, it syncs seamlessly with all your devices where the app is installed. Including Apple phones, laptops, tablets and desktop computers; Windows computers and all Android devices.

With its clean, uncluttered design and intuitive navigation, Google Photos is accessible for both beginners and advanced users. Whether you’re using a desktop browser or the mobile app, the interface looks almost the same, so you can seamlessly transition between the two. Per up Google Photos, just sign in with your Google username at You’ll start with 15GB of free storage, but you can choose a Google One storage plan if you want to buy extra space. If you don’t already have the app on your smartphone, you might want to download it. The entire setup process should only take 5-10 minutes.

Google Photos, you can upload new photos and videos from your device. It allows you to upload, view, edit, save and create new videos, animations and more. When taking your photos and videos, you can automatically go back up and sync them. for android phones, you can also limit data usage during automatic photo and video upload. Back Up & Sync is a storage service that automatically saves your photos and videos to your Google Account. These photos and videos will be accessible from any device where you are logged into your account.

How to Backup Photos or Videos in Google Photos

Return up Photos or Videos in Google Photos, follow these steps:

  • Tap on Google Photos
  • Enable Backup and Sync option
  • Click Change Settings to change the image quality. If not, click Confirm
  • Tap the three vertical dots option to select the images for backup
  • Tap the three vertical dots option again and select Back up now
  • To delete any image, select Delete from device
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