How to Block Unknown/Unsaved Numbers on WhatsApp

Whatsapp block number not in contacts

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Guide: How to Block Unknown/Unsaved Numbers on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps in the world. Pretty much everyone you know is on WhatsApp. You know what that means? If you have someone’s number, chances are they also have WhatsApp installed on their smartphone. Why does it matter?

The way WhatsApp works is simple. I’ll save your number and know right away whether you have it installed or not. All I have to do is run a search in the app. Armed with this information, I can now send you unsolicited messages and even phone calls that can be annoying to say the least.

I recently received messages telling me how badly I needed hosting for my domains, and how ‘expert’ they are in SEO. How they knew I owned a particular domain name is a whole different ‘spam’ story.

This is when I started looking for a solution to this how to block unknown WhatsApp numbers not saved in my contacts. But let’s take a quick look first how to block numbers you have in your contacts.

Fun fact: Jan Koum, one of the founders of WhatsApp, posted on Twitter that the Android team consists of only five people. They were responsible for reaching 1 billion downloads on the Play Store. Very small, focused team and a very big impact.

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Block WhatsApp numbers stored in Contacts

These are the people you know. You have saved their number in your contacts app. Time to stop receiving those annoying forward messages!

Open the chat window of the contact you want to block. You know, the one who spreads rumors and fake news. Now click on his / her name at the top. I’ll try this with my dad! He keeps messaging me this quote of the day.

Block saved contacts in WhatsApp

Scroll down and you should see the block buttonClick on it and confirm. The number has now been added to the block list. You can unblock it by clicking on it button that should now say Unblock.

Block saved contacts in WhatsApp 2Note: You cannot block numbers in bulk. You have to repeat the steps for each contact you want to block.

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Don’t block unknown WhatsApp numbers from contacts

These are the people who send you spam links with offers and discounts that will blow your mind. If you receive such a message from an unknown number, open the chat window and ask if he / she knows you.

Why? Last week I attended Bob Proctor’s webinar and his assistant got in touch via WhatsApp. Fortunately, I didn’t block her right away. Don’t continue blocking just because you feel irritated. Maybe it hits you in some way.

If you think the message is clearly spam, open the chat window. At the top, you will see two options: Block or Add.

Block unknown numbers in WhatsApp

If you think the message is useful or you know the sender, click Add and save the number. Otherwise, click Block. You will see a pop-up asking you to block the contact or to report and block it. I prefer the latter.

Report and block Whatsapp numberNote: When you submit a WhatsApp number, the number is added to a Watchlist maintained by WhatsApp. If the number is reported multiple times by many users, it will be temporarily banned. Think of it as a warning against spam. WhatsApp can permanently ban the number in its sole discretion. Exact details are not available on their official help page.

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Privacy and security steps

WhatsApp is not only simple and easy to use, but also simple and easy to misuse. This makes it a breeding ground of fake news and spam links for nefarious people. If you’re not careful, people can view a lot of information about you and use it to send messages that are less like spam.

That’s why I think you can stop a certain amount of spam by taking care of your privacy and security settings.

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Click on the three dots at the top right of your screen and click on settings.

Whatsapp set three points

Whatsapp settings option

Click on Account.

Whats App account option

You should now see two options at the top. Privacy and security, along with some additional options, such as two-step verification, which I recommend enabling. Click on Privacy for now.

Whats App Privacy option

Here you see a lot of options. Let’s see what they are and what they mean.

Whats App Privacy Settings

  • Last seen: Tells others when you were last active on WhatsApp. I set it to Nobody
  • Profile picture: who can view your profile picture. I have set it to My contacts.
  • About: who can see your short bio telling the world who you are and what you do. Again, my contacts
  • Status: your status message. I have set it to My contacts.
  • Live location: where you are. I have set it to None because it consumes battery and because I don’t like WhatsApp collecting data about my whereabouts. I think the recent Facebook scandal has made me paranoid!
  • Blocked contacts: Here you will find all the numbers that you have blocked in previous steps, regardless of whether they were in your contacts or not.

How to stop something you can’t see coming? Unfortunately, WhatsApp allows users to send messages to others regardless of whether they want to. What you can do is manage your privacy settings and block unknown numbers when they send you messages / spam.

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