How to boost your productivity as a Freelancer

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Guide: How to boost your productivity as a Freelancer

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It is normal to grapple with the consequences of procrastination from time to time. Web designers are not immune to this. This is especially the case with freelancers. They don’t always work with highly structured workflows or strict schedules.

Does this sound like you? Maybe you’ve been looking for ways to minimize or avoid those time-wasting episodes? Take heartYou don’t have to undergo a major lifestyle change to find a solution to the problem.

It’s easy to avoid getting the upper hand. We’ve put together three productivity techniques to show you how it works. You can start today – and reap the benefits today!

Productivity Technique # 1: Use Be Theme’s pre-built websites to complete your client’s work in 4 hours

What usually causes the procrastination? It could be the uncertainty how to get started on a design project because of customer requirements. You may also be unfamiliar with the particular niche.

That just doesn’t happen with Be Theme in your design toolkit. This multipurpose WordPress theme has over 300+ pre-designed websites. They all represent the widest range of pre-built websites on the market.

Finding the right out-of-the-box website to meet the customer’s needs takes up to minutes. When you find what you need, it takes just a single click to install.

The result? Time savings and productivity improved, without hardly trying. And get a website up and arriving in just 4 hours is another time saver. Not to mention it’s a surefire way to make a customer happy!

Here’s a sampling of what Be’s users find useful:

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Productivity Technique # 2: Be more flexible instead of forcing yourself into a tight schedule

There are times when trying to stick to a strict schedule can be more of a nuisance than help. You finish up hit your head against the wall.

Loosen at the same time up and being more flexible seems counterproductive. That’s not it.

enforce a schedule

Freelancers often get a lot more done when they add some flexibility to their workflow, such as:

If you feel stuck, take a break. Go for a walk. Better yet, go for one with your dog (or consider buying one if you don’t have one). Take a coffee break with a friend. Your brain will continue to solve your problem in the meantime. Make a to-do list, but make it a general list. A list of very specific tasks can easily become overwhelming. If you are hanged up one task can hit your entire schedule. Give yourself a little leeway; so if you can’t finish a task one day, it’s okay to finish it the next day.

Productivity Technique # 3: Calculate how much productivity costs you every day

This technique is based on a very simple idea. It is easier to calculate the cost of wasted time than an increase in productivity due to time savings.

productivity costs

Calculating how much procrastination costs you each day is a powerful motivator.

You may charge per hour or per assignment as a freelancer. Either way, you should be able to calculate your average hourly rate. At the end of each day, estimate how many hours you wasted. Multiply the number by your hourly rate and write the answer on a sticky note.

Keep it to you. Do the same every day. Soon you’ll be working hard to keep the numbers to a minimum to keep those $$ from flying out the door.

When the money you save every day reaches a certain point; reward yourself!

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These are 3 techniques to increase your productivity as a freelance web designer:

Make Be Theme your favorite website building tool (you can put together a website in 4 hours) Don’t be afraid to be more flexible when planning your work Calculate what procrastination or other idle time takes you every day

The best thing about these techniques is that you have a powerful, easy-to-use tool to help you. You also don’t have to force yourself to a tight schedule and you don’t have to turn your lifestyle upside down.

Take your dog for a walk and think about it !!

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