How To Change Google Meet Background

How To Change Google Meet Background

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How To Change Google Meet Background – Guide

Technology plays a wonderful role in connecting people around the world, keeping them safe and productive. Google Meet is one of the most popular video calling services developed by Google. It is a replacement for Google Hangouts and Google Chat apps. Most formal video conferences are done through video conferences. Google Meet made it easy to work with teammates, connect with healthcare professionals, connect with loved ones, and study at home.

Google Meet is a free premium video conferencing product that is trusted by schools, governments and businesses around the world. Google Meet offers an option to change your background where users can change the background during a video call. Users participating in a Google Workspace for Education call cannot select their own background images for video calls.

How to change the Google Meet background

How to enable Google Meet background Mobile

  • Open Google Meet and select a meeting to join.
  • Before entering, tap Effects at the bottom of the self-view window.
  • To blur your background, you can choose between “Blur slightly” or “Blur background”.
  • To upload your own background, tap “Add +” and to select a pre-loaded background, tap the background you want to use.
  • If you want to add a background, tap Add Background and select a preloaded background.
  • You can also select filters and styles on this screen if you want to add.
  • To remove the effect, users can simply tap “No Effects” and join the meeting as is.
  • Users can also do this during a meeting. Just click on your self-view and click on “Effects”.
  • How to change Google Meet background on computer

  • Go to Google Meet and select a meeting.
  • In the lower right corner of your self-view, click Apply Visual Effects.
  • To completely blur the background, click Blur Background .
  • To slightly blur the background, click Lightly Blur Background .
  • To select a preloaded background, click on a background.
  • To upload your own image for your background, click Upload a background image Add photo.
  • To add a style to your video, click on a style.
  • You can also do this during a video call. During a call, click More and then click Apply Visual Effect.
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